Note: This is a Worlds Apart Alternate Universe story.

The Monster and the Maiden: chapter 03, part II
Quote from Journal of Edmond le Strange

Edmond's stomach twisted as he considered how to answer Emily's question, and he was not sure if it was because of his burgeoning hunger or from dread. Why he was even contemplating answering this girl, he was not certain. He should have sent her away long ago, but she had amused him and, with Rafe's departure the other day, it had been nice to talk to another being who treated him as a normal person.

Oh, his victims always treated him as a normal, healthy male when he flirted with them at the clubs, but there was always an underlying motive for him—mainly how soon could he get them alone so he could drink their blood—that precluded any normal conversation he might have. "Normal" just was not a word that applied to him anymore…whatever he was now.

Over the intervening months since Koryll had removed his death curse and replaced it with the curse around which every aspect of his life now revolved, Edmond had compiled a list as to why it was impossible he was a vampire. Besides the fact that he did not want to be labeled a monster by society, he was desperate to deny the possibility that he could indeed be a vampire because, after all, what learned person would subscribe to such a theory since vampires were agreed to be mythical.

The result of his research had showed him that, while he had a few things in common with the vampire of myth and fiction, the reality of his curse differed in other aspects. He could not have told anyone why it was so important that he make this distinction, even though it made him no less of a monster in his own eyes.

"You actually think I am a vampire?" he asked, looking at the little girl through the fence.

Emily shrugged. "I don't know."

He sighed, once again wondering why he was even bothering talking to her. "Well, let us think about it, shall we? I am standing here in broad daylight, oui?" he said, beginning a much abbreviated litany of the arguments he had compiled. "And see, I am casting a shadow. Vampires are not supposed to be able to do that."

Looking thoughtful, she nodded in agreement.

"I also cast a reflection in the mirror. Oh, and I love garlic, especially in my spaghetti. It is one of my favorite seasonings."

Her nose wrinkled at that. "Gross," she muttered in an undertone.

"I also cannot turn into a bat or a wolf. I do not sleep in a coffin—"

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26 Responses to “The Monster and the Maiden: Ch. 03, Part II”

  1. amalinaball says:

    Uh-oh! This looks like one of those times when Emily really should have kept her mouth shut! ;) But I knew I recognised that tattoo! Tahlvin has the same one, right? Is he some relation to Emily?

    I still like Edmond as a character, but I swear that if he tries anything on her then I won't like him as much. But I like him a lot, so that means he'll still be found under "Awesome" in my little categoric brain. :D But she seems a pretty canny little kid, does Emily – I'm sure she can handle herself pretty well. Maybe she's a decoy or something, sent by her grandfather? Maybe she is her grandfather – in disguise? (Okay, I'm getting an image of her popping open and an old man stepping out of her head – like in Scooby Doo!)

  2. Tanya says:

    *squees* Sorry – thinking that Tahlvin's going to pop up has that affect ;) When it was first mentioned that Edmond's master had the name Bladestorm I should have realised that he was an elf *kicks self* I'll stick my neck out and take a guess that Emily is Tahlvin's daughter, or possibly Hale's? Last week I did notice a certain feature that Emily shares with another of your female characters, but I won't "jump the gun" on her mother's identity just yet!

    Hmmm, what is Edmond plotting for Emily? Whatever it is, he's going to be in hot water when her dad or Koryll finds out …. I'll be away next Monday so I'll miss the update, but I can guarantee that as soon as I get home on the Friday I'll be over here like a shot to catch up!

    Sorry that you've had to uninstall BV :( Hopefully the next expansion pack will fix some of the issues with BV, and you'll be able to reinstall it and carry on using the lighting mod? I've never used that, but my biggest issue with BV is the fact that I have to delete the cigen, groups cache and accessories cache every so often, otherwise the game won't start.

  3. Shera says:

    I have no words…))) It is so awesom and beautiful, that I lost all my knowledge of English. Edmand is so hot! )))

  4. Kara says:

    amalinaball: Yep, Tahlvin has the same tattoo, as does Hale. ;) And your Scooby-Doo reference…so disturbing and yet hilarious!

    Tanya: heehee Tahlvin has that effect on my too so I totally understand. Speaking of Tahlvin, the ball-joint doll counterpart that I have of him is currently away at the artist (I dropped him off yesterday). He should be back in about a month or so. I'm so excited (and a wee bit nervous). I can't wait to see what he looks like.

    And, I think you may be right about your guess about Emily's mom.

    Shera: Thank you so much! Edmond is very hot, I must agree. It is no hardship at all to take pictures of him. I can't wait to get started on the next chapter!

  5. Mao says:

    Oh, dear. Emily… don't go in there. You really, really don't want to go in there… I don't like that suddenly agreeable turn his tone has taken.

    And that tattoo begs the question as to -who- is this mysterious little girl's parents? She looks a tad familiar, but she's a child, so who can say. I hope you'll let us know at some point in this installment, though. ;)

  6. Eva says:

    I couldn't resist commenting this time. Her father's name is Shadowtalon and that's Hale's and Tahlvin's names. MAYBE in this alternate universe, Sam never died and she had a baby–Emily! I always overthink things, so don't mind it. What a coinky-dink it was that she is Koryll's grandaughter.

  7. lani says:

    stand in director (lani) to edmond: i'm thinking old woman in hansel & gretel. i'm thinking child slave labor for emily. maybe we introduce a younger brother for you to snack on. i'm thinking kit-kat bars and gobstoppers. . .okay – action!

  8. Jenny says:

    omg, excellent chapter Kara…, I can't wait to see where this goes and hopefully meet these other characters:)


  9. Kara says:

    Mao: Actually, you'll find out the answer to your question very soon. Next week, in fact! ;)

    Eva: Well, Sam isn't dead in this universe. :) This is the same universe as the Christmas story took place in. It is, however, several years after the end of that story.

    Lani: Motivations for Edmond… haha! You always know how to crack me up! Love you! :)

    Jenny: Thank you, Jenny! I don't want to say to much, but next week should be exciting.

  10. Shera says:

    Kara ) And I can't wait to read the next chapter ))

  11. E. Black says:

    It seems we have the same issue with our games (I have to manually uninstall too because the games aren't even in my Add/Remove Programs). Those BV trees are definitely awesome, that would probably be the only reason I'd buy the game.

    Game issues aside this was a wonderful update. Emily is an easy character to like. Her stubbornness is an amazing trait. I do hope that Edmond will not do anything bad to her.

  12. cadie says:

    OMG… is emily the daughter of a certain human and a certain elf that we all know a very much love? I'll so laugh if im right. Does this mean we get a good look a Mr. Smexy a.k.a Tahlvin??? Cant wait till next week now

    *slaps self with keyboard*
    STOP IT… IM PROCASTINATING! Im supposed to be doing my assignments :lol: I have like a billion and one things to do :( High school sucks.

  13. Jade says:

    I am sorry to here about Bon Voyage, but really you are not missing much. There is a Radiance Lights version that for Bon Voyage at MATY in the peasantry. In case you did not know…

    You are such a gifted storyteller. You are the only Simmer I know of that can take numerous photos of two Sims talking between a fence and make it not only interesting but compelling!

    Dang, Kara, go kiss yourself, you are that good! :-)


  14. Kara says:

    Shera: And I can't wait to start taking pictures for the next chapter. ;)

    E. Black: Yeah, manual uninstallation (yay for made up words) is definitely a pain. Emily is actually a very easy character to write too, I'm not sure why. I guess she just seems to naturally react to Edmond. Actually, they play off each other very easily. The scenes with them together are actually easier to write than when they are apart.

    cadie: Ugh…high school…I can't say I miss it. I must say, though, that you have sharp eyes. ;)

    Jade: I didn't know that there was a newer version of Radiance Lights. Thank you for the tip! I'll have to check it out sometime, but not for awhile. I'm sick of messing around with the install/uninstall cycle. :lol:

    And, thank you so much for the compliment! I really was worried about that conversation since the fence was separating them for so long and there are really only so many angles I could use. I'm glad I managed to pull it off though.

  15. Dektora says:

    (Hum, seems I'm no longer on the mailing list… Must subscribe again before the next update)
    I never though about connecting this story to existing characters. I like the theories flying around about the identity of Emily's parents. After all, we still don't know who Tahlvin's father is and the "uncle line" seems like something Hale could say… Even more exited about the future updates now :p
    And again, you are very welcome. As you are paying the french lessons with titsy bits of infos concerning the rest of the story ;) People who are already on the edge of your seat, please fasten your seat-belts…

  16. Kara says:

    Dektora: I checked the mailing list and you're still on it. I'm not sure why you didn't receive it this week. Feedblitz can be buggy sometimes though. I wonder if there are more reliable subscription services out there?

    I find it interesting that you caught the reference to her uncle. :) I wasn't sure if anyone would pick up on that. Yay!

  17. Mesha says:

    i love your stories. you should really have like a graphic novel or something. you're that good.

  18. Trina says:

    Omigosh – you really weave such intriguing stories! I am really enjoying this one even though I miss World's Apart. Please keep them coming!!

  19. Jade says:

    Kara, I am using Feedburner…I like it so far as it includes a way for folks to subscribe very easily to a feed using many different services as well as an email subscription service – all free.

  20. Gayl says:

    I just read all your chapters and am completely enthralled with your story. Not certain if I have missed something…is there a previous story to this? Anyway I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to more.

  21. Gayl says:

    Feeling like a complete idiot…found it and reading it now…sheesh.

  22. Kara says:

    Mesha: Aw! Wow, thank you! I have absolutely no talent drawing so that rules out the graphic novel part unless I get someone else to do the art. But I do think that would be fun. I'm a huge manga addict. :)

    Trina: I actually miss Worlds Apart too, but at least there's a little treat next chapter…although it kind of made me miss Worlds Apart even more.

    Jade: Thanks for the link! It's nice to know there's another alternative. I'll have to look at it more closely and see if it allows me to transfer mailing lists.

    Gayl: Thank you so much! And I'm glad you found the other chapters. :) Yeah, I kind of have two ongoing stories, although I'm focusing more on The Monster and the Maiden at the moment. I started Worlds Apart first however.

  23. Trina says:

    Kara – are you on WOW often? I ask because a co-worker of mine mentioned that I would love it after he found out that I play the Sims but I'm a little leary. I tried Second Life and it was difficult to navigate and I didn't know where to go or even anyone to ask. If I were to try WOW, what tips can you give me?

  24. Kara says:

    Trina: I'm kind of on a small break from WoW at the moment, but yeah, I play quite often. It's my favorite game actually. Even more so than the Sims as I don't really "play" the game much but use it more to set up scenes and take pictures.

    There is actually a free 10-day trial of WoW that you can download and play to see if the game is the right fit for you. Also, I suggest taking a look around at the official site so that you can see what races and classes are available. There is a very thorough game info section that may help. Really though, I think the free trial would be the best indicator as to whether it's a game you'd like to pursue or not.

    And, please, feel free to ask me any other questions you might have about WoW. I've played since it was first released (back in Fall '06) and played most of the races and classes as well, so, yeah, I love the game. :lol:

  25. Tanya says:

    Forgot to say when I commented on Chapter 4 Part 1 earlier, but that's very good news about the ball jointed doll Tahlvin :) I think I'd be nervous as well, but I'm sure he'll look awesome! If only we could have a real Tahlvin ;) We'd have to clone him though, as there'd be a high demand!

  26. anghard says:

    I missed this update.

    Ah, so the coincidence of Emily's grandfather as Edmond's master brings about some interesting possibilities. Although I can't imagine Edmond not feeling remorse if he does decide to use her. He seems very human in terms of his morals and feelings to an extent.

    Excellent chapter.


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