First of all, I'd like to thank my husband and my sis for being the best editors I could ever have. Any mistakes that remain are my own.

Thank you to the artists whose brushes I've used in various pieces of artwork/pictures throughout the site: Scully7491 @ DA, Miss69-stock @ DA, Hybrid Genesis, VBrush, The 5th Muse, Miss M, Fractured Sanity, Echoica, Void Brushes, Secret Loft, The White Whisper, Obsidian Dawn, Relique, Pretty Brushes, and Exotica_brushes @ DA.

A huge thank you to the following sites and talented artists/creators who make and provide custom content for the Sims. Through their hard labor I have been able to bring my story to life. I've done my best to list everyone (and every site) that I have downloaded content from but my memory starts failing me as I get older (hell, that's just an excuse, my memory has always been spotty):

Sims 2 Sites:
4 Ever Sims Fantasy · 11Dots Modern Design · Adele · All About Style · Annas Reich · Asamo · Chimerical · Club Crimsyn · Decorgal Designs · Elegant Decay · E-Studio · Eye Candy · Garden of Shadows · Gethane Sims · Helaene · Holy Simoly · Imaginary · InSIMenator · Just Sims2 · Komosims · La Pink · Loco-Plus · Marina's Sims · Mango Sims · Mermaid Cove · Noukie Sims · Parsimonious · Peggy Sims 2 · Pixel Dolly · Pixel Sims · Problematique · Raonjena · ReflexSims · Rensim · RoseSims2 · Sexy Sims 2 · Simplan-X · Sims2Heaven · Sims 2 Play · Sims2Workshop · Sims Project · SimderZ · Sims Crossing · Sims Connection · Sims Design Avenue (Caravan Shop) · Sims Go Go Go · Sirona Sims · Tollis SimGedöhns · VitaSims2 · XM Sims · Wicked Sims · Wood for Sims 2
Mod the Sims 2 (specifically):
The Sims Resource (specifically):
Hacks and Mods: