Photoshoot: Laid Bare

December 23rd, 2007

Laid Bare -- Tahlvin Shadowtalon

Again, a post only for those of you interesed in my ball-joint dolls. But, I'm so excited to introduce you to someone you all know—Tahlvin! He's still without his face-up (face paint) and other modifications, but I did a photoshoot with him anyway. The rest of the pictures are posted at Half-Imagined.

Happy Holidays!

Tahlvin and Brandee as Dolls?

November 30th, 2007

Update Dec. 04, 2007: Gah! Finally, my computer is back up and running! I was going to bitch-and-moan about the trials of reinstalling and about stupid anti-virus software, but instead I'm just going to rejoice that I have a working computer. Yay!

Well, I'm going to do it. I'm going to get some ball-joint dolls to represent Tahlvin and Brandee. I first had the idea to do this project in July when, on an impulse, I purchased a head that reminded me of Tahlvin. I've since discovered that creating dolls to represent a particular character is actually a lot harder that just getting a doll who can be whatever you want. Mostly, this is because you have to have a lot of patience to wait for all the customizations involved. Anyway, if you're interested, I've gone into detail about the whole process on my BJD site.

In other news, the last piece for my new computer was delivered just a half an hour ago. Yay! So, I think my husband will start constructing it tonight. I have the feeling this is going to take awhile as he is going to be putting together a water-cooled system, which is something he's never done before. But, still, I suppose I should wrap this up and finish backing up my harddrive. Wish us luck! Well, wish John luck, he's the one building it! haha

Technical Difficulties

November 20th, 2007

I had hoped to have chapter 5 released before Thanksgiving. My new plan is to get it released by the end of the month, which may not work out either since my computer is slowly breaking down.

My computer still mostly works but the frustrating thing is it crashes/reboots at odd times (with seemingly no rhyme or reason). Now, it's not so bad when I'm just in World of Warcraft as it takes all of minute to get back in the game (after the computer reboots), but…well, you know annoying crashes can be in the Sims as it takes for freaking ever for the game to load. I'm also worried that the crashes may corrupt my lots. My husband has been trying to fix it, but so far none of his solutions have worked. So, we are now waiting for new parts to arrive so that he can build me a new computer.

Me thinking out loud (I'm not looking for advice): I haven't decided if I'm going to try taking pictures for chapter 5 anyway and just work around the reboots (hoping that my lots won't be corrupted), or if I should just wait until the new computer is built. I also haven't decided if I'm going to divide this chapter into parts (i.e. part 1 and part 2) as it's rather long. Another option is to just finish writing chapter 6 (of which half is already written). Ah, decisions, decisions…

Anyway, I do know for sure that I won't have anything ready by Thanksgiving. But, I do want to wish everyone (that celebrates it) a Happy Thanksgiving!

UFO Sightings

November 14th, 2007

UFO Sighting

I was working on a Mars set for the next chapter (I probably put way too much work into this set as it's only going to be in a couple pictures anyway) and I was surprised to be visited by UFOs—two of them at the same time nonetheless! I know most of you have probably already seen this in your game, but my Mission Bay neighborhood doesn't have any crashed UFOs so I'd never been visited by any. I thought it was pretty cool!

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Chapter 04: Turning Corners

October 31st, 2007

Worlds Apart--Chapter 04: Turning Corners

[Background Music: "Turning Corners" by Chicane from Somersault]

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