Note: This is a Worlds Apart Alternate Universe story.

The Monster and the Maiden: chapter 01, part I
Quote from Journal of Edmond le Strange

"What are you doing here, Rafe?" Standing in the doorway of his house, Edmond crossed his arms and glared at the man who stood on his porch.

The old white scar that ran down half of Rafe's face pulled his lip into a taunting sneer. "That's a nice way to greet an old friend. No 'bonjour, mon ami' or 'welcome to my home' or 'how the hell did you find me after I disappeared off the face of the earth for the past year'?"

Edmond shifted and looked down at the fraying carpet. Shame heated his face. "I suppose I should say I am sorry." He lifted his head and looked at Rafe but could not meet the man's eyes. "Since my curse was removed, I have…I am…not myself, mon ami. I needed to get away from that place. I just…I thought a new start would help."

"And what of your friends? You selfish git! You didn't even think of us. We were there to help you." Rafe glared at him and then sighed. "Are you going to invite me in, or what?"

Edmond stepped back into the house and motioned for Rafe to enter.

His duster flaring out behind him, the man strode past Edmond into the parlor where he stood looking around at the clutter that Edmond kept meaning to clean up but, for some reason, never did. "And Master Bladestorm… He's been worried sick not knowing where you were or how you've faired."

Edmond slammed the door shut and venom-laced his words as he spat, "Do not speak his name to me. He probably just wants to know where I am so he can keep tabs on his precious experiment. It is his fault that I am a beast."

Rafe's shoulders slumped as he turned toward Edmond and something like pity flooded his blue eyes. "God, you're a complete prat, Edmond. It was the only way he could save you. The only way he could remove the curse. You know that!"

Moving over to stand near Rafe, Edmond said, "Oui, one curse traded for another. Not a very good deal if you ask me. And he did not! If he had only asked me I would have said 'let me die'. It is better to die, I think, than to be un monstre like I am now."

"But at least you're alive."

"Am I? Or am I undead like the vampire."

"Must you overdramatize everything? Vampires are myths!" said Rafe, rather more forcefully than was necessary, as if he were trying to make himself believe his statement.

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26 Responses to “The Monster and the Maiden: Ch. 01, Part I”

  1. Alimah Kali says:

    *sigh* Nothing quite like laying tired eyes on gorgeous male Sims before running off to work. Both are quite lovely, but I think Rafe caught my attention the most aggressively. XP I like this story. It's peaked my interest and I look forward to more, more, more!


    Kara said: Happy New Year to you too, Alimah! Rafe is definitely the more aggressive of the two so I'm not surprised. I love Rafe. He's a character of mine from a Viking story that I started writing many years ago (and never finished). I hope I'll be able to tell his story properly someday.

  2. Lisa says:

    You have the hottest sims, Kara.

    Kara said: heehee Thank you, Lisa! I have fun with them. ;)

  3. amalinaball says:

    Gahhh…why are all your Sims so hot? Why?! I have spent about 20 minutes just oggling at my screen when I really need to vacuum my room. *sigh* Oh, and now I can't decide who I like better. Rafe or Edmond, Rafe or Edmond…they're both so amazing, in different ways. (Not quite as good as Alec, but still awesome!) ;)

    Oooh…I'm intrigued! I feel a little sorry for Edmond, but he doesn't seem to exactly regret what has happened to him. He'd better not turn out evil, I generally end up liking the characters who would slit my throat if I just offered a friendly, "Hello!"

    I shall definitely tune in for the next part!
    Oh, and because I rudely forgot to say it before (I think): Happy New Year to you and all your Sims and BJDs! :D

    Kara said: Happy New Year to you and your new boy too! Have you named him yet?

    Hot sims are so much more fun to waste time on than vacuuming the floor. What would be even better is if we could somehow get the hot sim guys to do our housework for us! EA/Maxis should work on that next.

    And Alec is glad that the two new guys haven't robbed him of his favorite fan. heehee

  4. Jenny says:

    oh man! sighs..he looks like viggo mortenson as aragorn……….lovely………….

    Kara said: That's exactly what I thought the other day when I was taking pictures for this chapter! haha Great minds…and all that. It was a totally unintentional coincidence, but I'm definitely okay with one of my sims looking like Aragorn/Strider. :mrgreen:

  5. Jenny says:

    yep…makes you weak in the knee' has to be wrong for a sim to be like that! haha…anyway, where are the floor rugs from?? I have been looking for ages for some like that…:)

  6. Kara says:

    Jenny, I know! It's just unfair for pixels to be so hot. What's unfair about it is that I can't just reach into my screen and drag them out. ;)

    As for the rugs, they are Aikea_Guinea's Souvenirs–distressed oriental rugs. They are also available here if you don't have a subscription to TSR.

  7. Tanya says:

    Ooooh, goodies! This story's already got me gripped as much as Worlds Apart :) Can't wait to find out more about Edmond's curse – and more about him and Rafe of course. I'm also very intrigued re: the maiden and how she fits in …. Great start Kara! And Happy New Year :)

    P.S. I've got a few of HIM666's guys floating around in my game ;)

  8. Jade says:

    That is really wonderful writing as usual, Kara!

    I am glad that you are going with smaller chapters to relieve the pressure of updating. I would be thrilled to have some Worlds Apart once per week!

  9. goodbye_sun says:

    It will be quite fantastic to see more updates from you, be they small bites or big ones, whatever keeps you excited about writing and posting these.

    I certainly get the feeling that Edmond's inner turmoil comes from the guilt of not finding his condition to be such a bad thing rather than some inner struggle of having become a “beast”.

  10. Kara says:

    @Tanya: Well, you'll be meeting the maiden in a couple of chapters. That's all I'm going to say for now. ;)

    And, gah…HIM666 makes some gorgeous pretty-boys that still manage to look very masculine. I like them very much indeed!

    @Jade: Ah, wouldn't it be great to update Worlds Apart on a regular schedule. I hope this little experiment of mine goes well.

    @goodbye_sun: So far I'm very excited about this new way of posting things. I actually feel like I could make some progress this way. Also, I hope my readers will like it better too. You'll be getting less with each post but at least they will be more frequent.

  11. finette88 says:

    I already love this new story. I don't understand each words because English isnt my mother tongue but I really love your work.

    Charachters and decors are fantastic ! It's very realistic !!

  12. Eva says:

    Man, rafe is one sexy man. I don't know what's more sexy about him…the scar or the hair. There's just something about that "battle-hardened" look that just gets me everytime!

  13. Kara says:

    @finette88: Thank you so much! I'm so glad that you've taken the time to read my stuff and that you are enjoying it. :) I admire anyone who can speak another language. I have such a hard time learning languages. :p

    @Eva: I have a soft-spot for the "battle-hardened", bad-boy look too. In Lord of the Rings, Aragorn was my favorite character…of course, that was most likely because Viggo looked so hot portraying him. heehee

  14. decorgal says:

    Another intriguing story full of mystery- I love it. I think my favorite part was when you described why Edmond has to drink human blood. Will there be pictures with visuals of gore such as that? I hope so! I'd love to see something that dark used with Sims. :D

  15. Jenny says:

    okay, I need my fix!! hehe…

  16. Kara says:

    @decorgal: heehee It'll definitely get more bloody although not for a few chapters yet. I'm looking forward to actually using the blood CC that I've had laying around in my game and Body Shop for awhile. ;)

    @Jenny: I'm very flattered that you are so excited about this story! I actually have the next update all ready to go. I'll be posting it again on Monday. Yay!

  17. Tanya says:

    Next bit on Monday!? *takes a deep breath* I'll try to stay calm, promise :) As it is I did a re-install on Friday and I'm about halfway through putting my downloads back in, so I've got enough to keep me calm until tomorrow LOL!

  18. Kara says:

    Ack, the dreaded re-install. I just recently had to do the same since I got a new computer. I hope everything goes smoothly for you, Tanya. I also hope that you enjoy the next part of the chapter! :)

  19. Tanya says:

    Everything installed okay thanks, it's just taking forever to put the downloads back in LOL! I'm trying to cut them down as I go :D And yes, I enjoyed Part 2 – Edmond's quite a guy ;)

  20. Kara says:

    Oh, yeah! Cleaning out the downloads folder… I've done that a couple of times before and it takes me forever! I always have a hard time trying to figure out what I want to get rid of…like, will I possibly need this item someday. Of course, after I'm done cleaning it out, I just go and download some more stuff. *sigh*

  21. tabbs says:

    I love the story, he's extremely HOT!

    So where do you get his hair from? I'd also love that male version for my game :D

  22. Kara says:

    Hi, tabbs, and thank you! I assume you mean Edmond's hair, right? It's a male conversion of a female Raojena hair done by Dark Lunaris/Eclipse at Garden of Shadows.

  23. Anghard says:

    Yikes, I have Worlds Apart bookmarked, I started reading it a while back but then got caught up in a few other things. Will need to continue to read that.

    This is a fantastic start. I really love the setting and the caps that go along with the story. Very expressive.

    Edmond is truly fighting a demon within himself.

  24. Kara says:

    Hi, Anghard! I'm really excited about Edmond's story. I can't wait to tell it all. He's such an interesting character, I think. On one hand, he's so sweet and on the other he's a beast. It's been fun writing him.

  25. Beth says:

    Gorgeous, of course! I particularly liked seeing the Rossetti paintings — one of the most sensual painters, perfect for the setting.

    Fascinating, and so great to see someone new like Edmond, with his charming "clutter" thing (I can relate) and Rafe — anyone with that name has a soft spot in my heart!


  26. xtinabobina says:

    vampires! always a great genre, well..its not really a genre, but..maybe it should be. :)


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