Just Lips

October 19th, 2006

Just Lips: Bare Lips for Men (and Women)

I have a number of downloads that I'm preparing for you all and to kick it off I present this collection of lipcolors that I made for my male sims. Sometimes the lips on skins are a bit too shiny, tinted or feminine looking for my male characters so I created seven lip shades that will compliment many skintones to give males a bare, natural lip. Of course, your female sims may wear these too if they prefer to go sans makeup.

You may download it from MTS2.


Please don't recolor without my permission and please give credit if uploaded with a sim.

Part of the lip texture is based on SimCribbling's cracked lip.

Picture Credits (for specifics, please ask):

Skins: Jaydee, SimCribbling, Enayla, and AtomicSpaceKitty
Eyes: Helaene, Enayla @ MTS2, Exnem @ MTS2
Hair: PeggySims, Sshodan @ MTS2, H.Lin @ TSR, NeptuneSuzy @ TSR, HIM666 @ MTS2, Navetsea @ MTS2 (based on mesh by HystericalParoxysm) and AtomicSpaceKitty
Eyebrows: Helaene, and HystericalParoxysm @ MTS2
Makeup: Helaene, Mermaid Cove, Serasims, and Enayla
Outfits: Aikea_Guinea @ TSR, Wirelessguy @ InSIMenator, and Mynxie @ MTS2
Necklaces: AtomicSpaceKitty @ MTS2
Props: wallpaper by Komosims, candle by Holy Simoly, bowl of fruit by VitaSims, window by Windkeeper @ TSR

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30 Responses to “Just Lips”

  1. E. Black says:

    Just saw them over there and downloaded them. These are so nice! Thanks, Kara.

  2. amalinaball says:

    The lip colours are boo-tiful, Kara! I'll definately be using these babies! 😉 Thanks ever so!
    Is Arion's son Hale? Because *flips back* their eye-colours look pretty darn similar…practically the same, in fact.
    And Alec's hair is gorgeous (but Alec IS one of my fave's at the moment!). 🙂 All the lads are excellent, well done!

  3. Kara says:

    E.Black: You're very welcome! I'm really glad you like them and hope you find them useful. 🙂

    Amalinaball: Yes! *claps* Arion is Hale's father! Good job! :mrgreen: Hale inherited his father's eyes. Oh…and Alec thanks you for the compliment. 😉

  4. Mandie says:

    The lips look amazing! They look so real, and kissable! Hehe, all those new guys are super hot! I just don't know how you can create such handsome and realistic looking sims! I'm so jealous!!

  5. daysies says:

    wow, Kara! these are great! even the shades are just light enough for women who just want a little bit of color. they will show up for women, too, right? 🙂

  6. Kara says:

    Mandie: Thank you so much! And my guys thank you as well. They are going to be incorrigible after all these compliments. 😉

    Daysies: Thanks, Kathy! Of course these will show up for women and they will show up for all ages as well. :mrgreen:

  7. tabbs says:

    These are very nice, I love them in my game.
    You did such a great job on them.
    Thank you 😀

  8. Kiwi says:

    Thank God for the lip colors…I've been having so much trouble makin my guys look masculine when their lips are HOT PINK! And speaking of "hot", I love your guys! So shmexy… 😉

  9. Hannah says:

    cool!!!! how did you do this??? its so cool!!! did u make them??

  10. eva says:

    Well, if that Amalinaball wasn't so swift..i definately wouldn't have gotten who Arion's son was. Oh well, I like to act like I'm waaaayyy smarter than I actually am. But only on occasion. Which I guess is everyday. Ahem. Now on to the lips and the sims modeling them. Wow! Need I say more? I think not. But I will anyway. Have I ever seen any sexier sims….well…yeah..Tahlvin and Hale..mmmmh. Hey wait..Tahlvin and Hale aren't brothers? Obviously I learned nothing from reading Words Apart..and speaking of that wonderfulfantabulastic story, I can't wait until you feel inspired enough to spend hours writing and taking pictures just to entertain us. That's some labor right there. Thanks for all of your hard work.

  11. Kara says:

    Tabbs: Thank you very much! I'm relieved that they look good in your game. They look fine in mine but I'm always a little nervous that they'll look horrendous on another computer or monitor.

    Kiwi said: "I've been having so much trouble makin my guys look masculine when their lips are HOT PINK!"

    haha! I know what you mean! It's that exact reason that I made these. I like the makeup look on some men (especially smudgy eyeliner) but rarely do I like bright, shiny lipstick on them. And my guys thank you for the compliment.

    Hannah: Yep, I made them in Photoshop. I used a photo of male lips that I found at a royalty free/free use site, added some texture and shading, and then recolored them to blend with the skintones. I also made the alpha.

    Eva: hehe :mrgreen: And, yes, Tahlvin and Hale are brothers…they just have different fathers. 😯 So, don't worry, you're not going crazy or anything. 😉

    Concerning Worlds Apart… I have a few projects I want to finish up first and then I plan on getting back to work on the story.

  12. Jen says:

    Kara, those lips are awesome! I always have trouble with my guys' lip color. Thanks so much for creating those and sharing them with us. Your talent and creativity are just amazing, and your Sims stories and pics have always been a huge inspiration to me. Best of luck with all of your upcoming projects!

  13. Jimmi says:

    These are wonderful! Thank you for making them because I feel the lips needed revamping for that natural look! Thanks ASK! XXXXXOOOOO

  14. Kitty says:

    Thank you, Kara! I snagged your kissables at the InSim forum. :3 (*fans herself*)Your boys are amazing as always but the picture of Macai? Oh my, he has a look of pure magic that makes him positively delicious! *^_^*

  15. Alimah Kali says:

    Kitty, you and I are on the same wave length. Macai, Macai, Macai…. Mmm mmm mmmm… The look in those eyes… Ooooh child!

    Of course, Hale practically owns my heart. All he needs to do is smile and my loyalty is set in stone. lol.

  16. Kiwi says:

    I know this really isn't the place but my email isn't working…would you mind if I use the pics I drew of Tahlvin and Brandie on my future DeviantArt account? I'm not sure if you have any "copyrights" concerning them, but I would (of course) have a link to Worlds Apart on the page and give you credit for creating them. Just wondering…thank you!

  17. Puppy love says:

    Luv ya sweetie

  18. Kara says:

    Kiwi: I don't mind at all if you use them. I do own the copyrights to Tahlvin and Brandee, but you're allowed to make fan art as long as you aren't making money from it…I think. I need to brush up on copyright law, but I'm sure you can post them. Take care and let me know when your DeviantArt site is up. I'd love to see it. 🙂

  19. KT says:

    Wow! I love these lips! I use them a lot on my sims when Iim creating my stories; they are just perfect! Thank you so much for creating them!


  20. Azrielle says:

    I've become seriously obsessed with Avion. I desperately want him in my game. I'd even pay you for him. Please! ::sobs::

  21. Kara says:

    Azrielle: Aw! Thank you! Avion is most flattered. 🙂 Unfortunately, I don't offer any of my guys for download as they are all characters in my story. However, I have made one sim exclusively for download. If you're interested then feel free to check him out.

  22. Azrielle says:

    Okay, just thought I'd ask anyway because he looks so sad, I just want to cuddle him. I pasted him on my desktop too. Yes I am that obsessed. I tried for the last couple days to make a Sim as beautiful in Bodyshop but they just aren't as perfect. I hope he shows up in your story … alot … naked. Just kidding. Or am I? 😉

  23. e2b says:

    Very nice pictures indeed!! XD I also left a comment at Insim for you which I don't want to repeat here *blushes* But I really like the sims boys.

  24. Azrielle says:

    Sorry for all the posting but I just had to ask, what eye makeup is Arion wearing? I am still trying desperately to make my own Sim of him. He is so lovely. (Avion, Arion! So sorry for mispelling his name before! *sheepishly begs forgiveness*)

  25. Kara says:

    Azrielle:Oh, don't worry about mispelling Arion's name, Azrielle. The "r" in the font that I used in the pictures looks like a "v" to me so I can totally understand the confusion. 🙂 As for the eyeshadow he's wearing, I'm almost certain I got it from Serasims (I don't have Body Shop open right now so I can't confirm) but I can't seem to find it there now. Perhaps you could contact Sera (she has a contact form on her site) and see if she can send it or repost it for you? I would send it myself, but I'm not sure what her policy is on file-sharing.

  26. Azrielle says:

    Thank you! I think I found a suitable one there, strange that I didn't see it before. Here's a picture of what I have made so far. He's no Arion, but I think he's pretty cute. I named him Harlen. Yeah, I'm still pretty obsessed with Arion though. I just LOVE him. It's unnatural. Sorry for the raving. I'll shut up now and go away for a while!

  27. Kara says:

    Azrielle: Harlen is so cute! He definitely looks like he could be related to Arion. Since the photoshoot for this post, Arion has undergone a makeover hand now has long white hair! 🙂

  28. Abbie says:

    Love those lips!! They are sooooo cute (the boys I mean.) How do you get your sims to look realistic? I can't do it in my game. I'm going to start downloading right now!!!

  29. Naomi says:

    Nice lips. They're so nice

  30. Kara says:


    "How do you get your sims to look realistic?"

    Well, it's definitely thanks to the talented creators who make the custom content I use so I'm not sure I can take all the credit. 🙂 Enjoy the lips!


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