The Fickleness of Creativity

October 13th, 2006

Oh my…time surely flies. Can you believe it's been over a month since I last posted? I haven't posted until now because not much has been going on, other than the fact that I've been struggling with writer's block and an overall lack of creativity. Thankfully, over the past couple weeks, my creative drive has resurfaced and I've had fun populating Body Shop with various fantasy Sims. I've also been working on a surprise for your male sims (because our poor male sims need all the clothing they can get!):

(Yeah, crappy Body Shop picture… The outfit isn't finished yet. I just hope it looks all right in the game. I plan on completing it over the weekend and then I'll offer it for download on MTS2.)

However, everytime I open up Word to work on my story, my creativity seems to flee in terror…or atleast cower behind a rock. Grrrrr! *tears hair out in frustration*

But my fickle creativity has allowed me to do something I haven't done in quite a long time: I've actually been playing the damn game! I've moved alternate versions of Tahlvin, Samantha, Jason and Brandee into my favorite base-game neighborhood—Pleasantview. In this alternate world, Jason and Brandee are married as are Tahlvin and Sam (she never died in this world), although there is some very strong attraction between Tahlvin and Brandee as well as Jason and Sam (uh oh! *wink*).

I haven't played the Shadowtalon household (Tahlvin and Sam) much, but I have played the Ramsey's (Jason and Brandee) a lot. So much in fact that Brandee has become a Mad Scientist thus fulfulling her lifetime goal and becoming perma-plat.

Jason's new skin

Jason (in addition to getting a mini-makeover in the form of a new skin for his body [face is still the same] as seen in the above pic) reached the zenith of his artist career but has just started a new job as a buisness tychoon where he hopes to deal in rare art.

They also are the proud parents of twin boys (very exciting since I've never had twins before!).

Pregnant Brandee

Brandee experienced a very easy pregnancy as I cheated my way through the entire thing. "Maxmotives" is your friend!

One of the twins

This is Tory…I think. Or it might be Nathan. It's impossible to tell the twins apart. I can only tell who is who by looking at the sidebar pictures.

The other twin

And this is Nathan (or Tory). They both inherited their mother's skintone and their father's eyes (yay!).

The boys

Toddler twins! Twice the trouble.

The boys are now children in the game, but I have yet to take any pictures of them. (It's a little uncanny though how much they look like young Brandee.) They just got accepted into private school and as a gift they got their bedroom redecorated. But, I've decided to stop playing them until I get the Pets expansion. I want them to get a kitten and puppy before they get any older.

Speaking of Pets, I received the game guide in the mail yesterday. I've already read through (or at least skimmed thoroughly) the entire book (the PC section of it anyway). I thought I was excited for the game before, but now I really can't wait. However, I've decided I'm going to wait a week or so after it comes out to see if other people encounter any major bugs before I install the game.


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11 Responses to “The Fickleness of Creativity”

  1. E. Black says:

    Glad to hear your creativity is flowing. Mine was sleeping and has suddenly hit me also. Must be the magic of October. ^_^

    And the twins are adorable. I had a set of twins (girls Fox and Maru…I think her name was Maru) and they are such trouble! lol…but cute.

  2. Hannah says:

    hi!!! i realy like your stories!!! i think their great!! my name's hannah… i think your twins are realy cute!! well, good job!!

  3. Kiwi & Senova says:

    YAY glad to hear your creativity is flowing again!! (Does that mean the next Chapter will be up soon? Or in the near future? *is hopeful*)

    Your boys are so cute! ^_^ Can't wait for pets to come out…should be awesome! Well, glad to hear you're still alive!

  4. amalinaball says:

    Oh my gosh. The twins are so cute! 🙂 And, may I add – ahh, the fickleness of Sim-Love! Heh heh heh. 😉

    I'm going to carry on waiting patiently (enough) for any update on your story! Good luck with the muse…I think my own got flushed down the toilet somewhere. 🙂

  5. eva says:

    AWWWWW…:D And did I ever mention how hot Jason is? You are a very talented body shop maker as I can tell from Brandee's clothing. And Jason's Skin. And everyone else's skin. So anyway…off to search for things to download. you have OFB? I dont think I've heard you talk about it that's all. Anyway, I haven't got OFB and I don't think I'm going to get Pet's either because of my lack of RAM and wimpy videocard but I can't wait to see it showcased on your blog.

  6. Kara says:

    Thank you! I'm glad you all enjoyed the pics of the twins. I can't wait until I can play them again (after Pets comes out).

    Eva: I love Brandee's clothes too, but I didn't make them. I got the dress from Rat Productions and the pajamas from Pinksuki2k at MTS2.

    And, yes, I do have OFB but, I really haven't done too much with it. Samantha has a bronze certificate in flower arranging and…that's about it. *sheepish grin* I guess I don't think it's that fun to run a business. It's too much like work! 😉

  7. Jenny says:

    Hey great to hear from you again…I always look to your stories for inspiration!……..Jason adn Brandee are too cute!

  8. lorna says:

    yay! SOOOOO glad you are back! and the babies are sooo cute! Brandee looks beautiful in those pictures! can't wait for pets!

  9. Eph says:

    *waves* The outfit you're making is gorgeous — I can't wait until you finish it! Love all your pictures — it's great hearing from you again! 😀

  10. Kara says:

    Jenny: Aw, thank you! That's so sweet. 🙂

    Lorna: I'm glad to be back! It was a much needed break (even if forced as I was totally without creative mojo) but I'm so excited to be working on this stuff again. Oh…and I just popped by your site. I love the design and plan to go back soon to poke around in more depth. Yay! I love "discovering" new sites.

    Eph: *waves excitedly back* Thank you, sweetie! The outfit has been finished for a few days now (I even made a hat! Woot!) but I wanted to complete my Just Lips project before packaging it up and taking pictures of the outfit.

  11. Kitty says:

    Congratulations on twins! They're quite a handful aren't they but super adorable too. Brandee's maternity outfit is precious. I didn't know pregnant sims could wear that cute of an outfit. Aww I'm glad to hear that your muse is back in action and anxious to see the fantasy outfit. Our Sim boys can definitely use more custom creations!


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