The Monster and the Maiden: chapter 04, part II
Quote from the Journal of Edmond le Strange

The elf drew to a halt when he reached the small group and stared down at Emily as if he were deep in thought. Edmond noticed the tattoo on the elf's left hand that matched the one Emily wore and he realized this must be Shadowtalon, Koryll's son. The resemblance was striking except for the fact that Koryll possessed but one functioning eye now, and, whereas his son's eyes were as blue as an iceberg, Koryll's remaining eye seemed to glow with the fires of hell.

"Brandee," said the elf to his wife, though he turned his gaze to Edmond, "take Emily inside. I'll deal with her in a moment."

"But, Dad…" began Emily.

The elf turned all his intensity on his daughter and the little girl shrunk away from him. "Into the house now! I will talk to you later."

Brandee nudged Emily's shoulder pushing her up the front walk.

"Daddy, be nice to him. He showed me his house and he knows Grampy Koryll," said Emily over her shoulder as her mother herded her into the house. She paused in the open doorway and said, "Bye, mon-sewer. It was nice meeting you." Then her mother pushed her into the house and closed the front door behind them.

"So." Shadowtalon's fierce attention was once again focused on Edmond who had to force himself not to shrink under the scrutiny as Emily had. "You invited my daughter into your house." The elf's lips pulled back in a snarl and his fangs flashed in the light of the outdoor lamps. Edmond was glad he had filed his own fangs down. He did not want to give Shadowtalon another reason to distrust him.

"Oui, but you see—"

The elf slapped a heavy hand onto Edmond's chest in warning. "And why would a grown man invite a little girl into his house? A little girl who he has not meant until today." The look Shadowtalon leveled on Edmond as he spoke the last sentence warned Edmond that today better have been the first time he had made Emily's acquaintance or there would be hell to pay.

Edmond's eyes flickered to the hand weighing heavily on his chest. With a fluttering of his jaw muscles, the elf sighed and dropped his arm to his side.

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45 Responses to “The Monster and the Maiden: Ch. 04, Part II”

  1. Anghard says:

    Is it just me or does Edmond seem a little meeker in this chapter. And Tahlvin and Brandee? Wow, what a morsel to chew over.

    I have to admit to being scared a bit for Edmond, I've grown attached to him, but I think he handled it well.

    My favourite cap was Emily waving to him from the door. She really is an innocent child isn't she. I hope she retains that innocence, it's endearing on her.

    Great update.

  2. Tanya says:

    Well that was a tense first encounter! I think Edmond should count himself very lucky that Tahlvin just gave him a warning – it looks as if Tahlvin's holding a weapon behind his back in the cover/final picture *eek!* And Edmond isn't alone in his dislike for Koryll …? I wonder why Tahlvin doesn't get along with him (I love the description of Koryll by the way, and can't wait to see him)? As for Emily, I can see her not taking much notice of Brandee and Tahlvin's orders not to visit Edmond again – I'd say a couple of days then she'll be there again :D

    Great update! *hugs*

  3. Lisa says:

    Edmond and Emily have such a unique dynamic that I can't believe that she will obey her parents and stay away!

    Besides, if she did, then what would happen to the story?

  4. Jade says:

    Kara, glad to see you back.

    And have you seen this?

    It is YOU all over. Put it in Edmond's house!

  5. mesha says:

    omg for a second there i thought tal was gonna kick edward's a**. i love the whole "if u come near my daughter" vibe tal was given off. tal was so alpha male, i couldnt help but root for poor edward. secretly i was wishing he would just run. this story was worth the wait. i cant wait to read the next one.

  6. mesha says:

    sorry about the misspelling of Edmond's name. im sick and im not very cognitive at the moment. i was just so excited to read the story

  7. Trina says:

    Tahlvin is just so damn sexy!! My goodness….where is my fan??

    *comes back to her senses*

    I'm so glad to see another update. I hope all is well with you Kara-welcome back!!

  8. Decorgal says:

    I like how Tahlvin's character is stunting Emily and Edmond's relationship. I can only imagine that Emily will disobey her father and go see Edmond anyway. I'm looking forward to what you have planned for all of them. :D

  9. LiterateCat says:

    Hi Kara, so luckily I found your website these days, and I'm loving it!The stories you write keep my eyes almost glued on the screen, such well-written, well-photographed, simply gorgeous!

    So nice to see you back, and I really hope you are better now!

  10. Adele says:

    Ooooooh, I was having slight withdrawal– I'm glad you're back to writing!

    Love love loved this chapter. The tension between Edmond and Tahlvin is so intense! Plus, every image (in this and in ALL your stories) is pure eye-candy. Ridiculously good-looking sims aside, I could stare at these for hours… Really excellent work! :D

    Mesha: I always mix up those names, too. It's all Edward Cullen's doing….

  11. Gayl says:

    I guess I need to jump on the bandwagon regarding Emily staying away from Edmond's house. I see that lasting for all of about a day.

    Brilliant shots as always…they really made the tenseness of this chapter even more effective. Glad to see your update and hope you are doing well.

    And I have to say I am still so intrigued by the back story with Tahlvin and Brandee, Jason and Sam. I hope one day you will share that.

  12. Kara says:

    Thank you for your well wishes. I'm feeling better now and am starting to get back into the creative swing of things.

    Anghard: Yeah, Edmond is acting a bit meeker this chapter. Tahlvin can have a very intimidating when he wants to though. Plus, I think Edmond was just being extra careful not to provoke Tahlvin in any way. A survival instinct perhaps? ;)

    Tanya and Lisa: I love Edmond and Emily together. I don't want to say too much more about them in fear of ruining the next chapter, but I hope you continue to like their relationship.

    Jade: Thank you so much for the link! I hadn't seen it yet, but it's perfect for something I'm working on. I think I'll have to see if I can move some of Edmond's junk around and fit it in his house too.

    Mesha: Don't worry about getting Edmond's name wrong. I was sick too, so I totally understand. :) I even call Emily "Elizabeth" sometimes…how sad is that?! Too many names that start with "E". Also, yes, you're right. Tahlvin is quite the alpha male protecting his pack. I love that analogy. In that sense, I see Edmond more as a lone wolf who could be a threat to Tahlvin.

    Trina: heehee Tahlvin has that affect on me too. He just oozes maleness. It's a chronic condition. haha!

    Decorgal: Yeah, Tahlvin does create quite an obstacle–a big elfish, muscley one. ;)

    LiterateCat: Welcome to the site! I'm glad you're enjoying things so far. :)

    Adele: I was really worried about these pictures actually. I still wasn't feeling very creatively-inspired while taking them and was worried it would show in the quality of the shots. But, then, we are always the harshest critic of our own work, right?

    Gayl: I'd love to go back and do Tahlvin and Brandee, Jason and Sam's back story someday too. It's definitely on my list. I hope I get the chance. There are so many stories to I want to tell and I'm such a slow writer…

  13. goodbye_sun says:

    Edmond is definitely less than comfortable outside his own environment, but I guess and angry elf can do that to you. Love Emily waving at Edmond as she went inside. Even if she is scared of her father, and despite his best efforts, she seems to regard Edmond as a playmate/friend now. He is now most definitely going to be getting plenty of visits from her in the future.

  14. cadie says:

    I screamed when I finally saw that you updated and I must say it was worth the long, gruelling two week wait. TAHLVIN AND EDDY (yes he has a nickanme now) LOOK GOOD. Gosh who new Eddy was such a softy, I thought for sure I would witness a heated argument between these two but aaaah well, still Tahlvin is as tough as he looks for sure.
    I feel sorry for Em, it reminds me of when my parents would have a go at me for coming home after curfew, it was usually followed by a spanking :P I doubt shes gonna stay away for Eddy (I know i wouldnt).
    Super cool update!

  15. Mao says:

    That was definitely different than I had expected! It's understandable Tahlvin would be upset about some weirdo bringing his cute little girl home, I just assumed he'd be more upset by the fact Edmond has something against his family. That was addressed at the end, though. It worked out for Edmond–he gets to leave alive! Or, well, as alive as he came, that is…

  16. E. Black says:

    Tahlvin is a force to be reckoned with (as he always has been) but this time it seems a little different. Could be the fatherhood business (which makes any man go from 0-60 on the protective meter). It was nice to see Edmond go from his usual self to someone I barely recognized in this part.

  17. Veron says:

    I am so hysterically glad you're back, and I hope all is well.

    I'm gonna have to agree on every account of Talvin's hotness.

  18. Jenny says:

    Awesome update Kara and I am glad you are feeling a little better. I think everything has already been expressed and I agree Tahlvin just reeks of manness…he is sooo wonderful…..haha….Looking forward to next week!

  19. amasakireyoko says:

    God…I had been waiting a long time to read this part of the chapter. I had been wondering how Tahlvin would react to Edmund's appearance.

    It was very well writte – that's no secret – and I loved the pictures you took for the illustration. But most of all it's the story plot. I'm DEAD curious about what's going to happen now. Hopefully the next chapter will explain a lot more. Can't wait for it. ^-^

  20. sourtea says:

    I just found this blog , I've been reading every single post for the past two days and I'm still asking myself how come I've never seen this page before!
    Great stories and amazing characters!..and the sets are so incredibly detailed!

  21. Trina says:

    Kara – I checked the sites listed in your FAQ for the outfit that Tahlvin is wearing but I could not find it anywhere. Is there any chance you can remember where it came from? Just wondering…..

  22. Kara says:

    Trina: I actually do remember where I got it. :) It's from Noogie666's A Day with Damian set.

  23. Trina says:

    Oh yeah!! Thanks Kara :hugs:

  24. Maria says:

    I found this site about a week ago and I've been devouring everything. The atmosphere you create is amazing!

  25. Chloe says:

    how the heck do you get your sims to be so smexy! Must've been a hell lot of downloading/photoshopping/wtv magic you use! Your sims are hot :). Plus the backgrounds are lovely, which expansion packs do you use?The story is cute, a little girl melting a stony cold character.

    What happened to Jason and why's Brandee with Tahlvin now?

  26. Kara says:

    Thank you, Chloe! I have all the expansions up to Seasons and the only stuff pack I have is the Happy Holiday one (I decided against Bon Voyage and Freetime).

    As for Jason, Brandee and Tahlvin, check out my reply to amalinaball here.

  27. chloe says:

    love your shots! they're so amazing and I could stare at your characters for hours! Does it take long for you to create them and get your shots?

    I have Sims 2 on windows but it's not my game so I'll have to return it sometime. But I am getting a macbook pro and have already bought the mac version for sims 2, do you think I can still download skins and make them work if I have a mac? Oh and if I you had to choose only one expansion pack to really give a great backdrop to a story, which would it be and why?

    I read your reply to amalinaball and I do agree that sims can be so silly sometimes, they do all the wrong things! Was it a tough break up for Jason and Brandee? Were they married or just living in? And how does Jason know Tahlvin, I mean Tahlvin being an elf wouldn't it pose a bit of questions to a regular human? I'm sorry if all my questions sound so airheaded, I only just started reading this and I'm still digesting!

    but i just love your idea, such a good mix of supernatural elements and modernity without being awkward. keep writing :)!

  28. Kara says:

    Oh, yes, it takes forever for me to take shots. Actually, the hardest part is figuring out what animations I'm going to have them do to get the emotions and actions that I want. I consider that my prep work, and just that alone can take a half to a full day of work. Once I know how I want them to act (I keep notes on a script as to what animations they will be doing for each picture), I can take the pictures and I usually take them from a number of angles. After that, I have to go through the shots, crop them, brighten them (as they are usually a bit too dark), adjust colors (as the shots are usually too yellow), etc. It's a long process for me and I'm probably too much of a perfectionist. ;)

    As for your question about the Mac, I run my game on a PC so I really don't know. I would assume that most custom downloads are compatible although wallpapers may not be…though don't quote me on that. ;) And if I could only have one expansion…hmm…that's a hard one. I guess I'd have to go with Nightlife as it provides some great romantic interactions and some great animations (like those for vampires).

    To tell you the truth, I think breaking up Brandee and Jason was harder on me than it was on my Sims. haha I felt bad about breaking them up even though I had long planned on Brandee and Tahlvin to be together. If you want to read a bit of the background (where Brandee and Jason started having trouble with their marriage), I suggest reading the Christmas Eve story.

    However, you should be aware that things that happen in the main Worlds Apart story have no effect on what happens in The Monster and the Maiden or the Christmas Eve story. I guess you could consider The Worlds Apart storyline as existing in an alternate universe. Kind of confusing, I know. :) The Sims in The Monster and the Maiden and the Christmas Eve story are all the same though and are the Sims that I actually play (when I have time to, that is).

    I hope I didn't confuse you too much and thank you for the great comments!

  29. Chloe says:

    Thanks for your advice! I have a limited budget cos I'm going to college soon so I can only spare myself one expansion pack :p. PLus the sims 3 is coming out next year!!! I was so mad when I found out cos I just bought the sims 2 for my mac. but oh well, I think the sims in sims 3 look uglier, more real but there's smth lacking in their features that doesn't quite give them that humourous edge that they normally have and not enough to keep them looking really virtual. BUt I am SO excited for the new functions and houses!

    Oh I clicked on the link and read it alll AND AND AND I took a look at your boys of summer photoshoot!!! DAMN. All these stories I'm reading have all these hotties and I don't quite think I could ever return to the arms of a real life guy lol. I'm so excited to start my own story and sim myself too! I mean just look at your crazy photoshoot with the sexy men of worlds apart!

    Tahlvin's my personal favourite :), I just love his hair and those tattoos and and and those sexy abs *hot sweat*. Is he a vampire in your game or did you have to "custom make" his teeth? And how'd you get edmond's skin looking err "normal pale" when it's purple in the game (it is right?)?

    big kisses for Tahlvin!

  30. Kara says:

    I can't say that I'm all too excited about Sim 3 right now. I think the Sims themselves look odd (they seem to provoke an uncanny valley response in me), although perhaps that can be improved by custom content creators. The game play is interesting, but as I don't play the game that much anyway, it's not enough to intrigue me to buy it. If anything will get me to buy to game in the future, it'll be because the custom creator's have made it into something that I want to play with.

    I'm glad you enjoyed the eye candy from the Boys of Summer photo shoot! I had fun with that.

    I must admit, Tahlvin is my personal favorite as well (if you couldn't tell already). Oh, and to get his teeth, I didn't have to make him into a vampire. I use the vampire teeth from MTS2.

    I'm a bit confused by what you mean about Edmond's skin being purple. His skin is as pale as it seems to be in the pictures. Or are you asking because vampires in Nightlife have bluish skin?

  31. Chloe says:

    yup yup, sorry about that misleading question. Yeah, The vampires in nightlife don't exactly have… normal skin tones to say the least (they look purple in some of the shots I've seen of nightlife)? So I was just wondering how Edmond's skin got such a pretty shade of alabaster white :)!

    Custom content does wonders for sims 2! Like extreme makeover, literally.

  32. Kara says:

    Well, Edmond isn't actually a vampire so he wears the same sharp teeth as Tahlvin. However, if I was to vamp out one of my Sims they would not have the purple/blue skin as I downloaded a mod that makes the vampire overlay invisible. This allows the Sim to retain their original skin color.

  33. Chloe says:

    coolios. thanks for being so helpful, your site has been SUCH a help, love it :). You're so talented!

  34. Amber says:

    I love the story so far! Your pictures are great. Do you use the in-game camera to take them? And, do you edit them after?
    You've got a knack for story telling and a lot of talent, can't wait for the next update. :-D

  35. Kara says:

    Thank you so much, Amber! No, I don't use the in-game camera. I use Fraps to take the pictures and then I edit them in Photoshop (crop, resize, color balance, etc.) afterwards.

  36. taddykins says:

    I'm astonished with your stories, and the artwork that there's in each picture, it's really great! And there's something at mts2 that I thought it would interest you, or better "he would interest you":D it's here …I may be wrong, but I think you'll like him!
    Best regards from Brazil!

  37. Kara says:

    Hola, Taddykins. Thank you so much for the link to MTS2! I hadn't seen him yet and, indeed, he is right up my alley. Very hot! I'm definitely going to download him.

  38. Shera says:

    ((( Where is the next chapter?

  39. Kara says:

    Although it's written, I haven't take the pictures for it yet. I'm not sure when it'll be up as I'm very busy with other stuff at the moment. I'll try to get it up as soon as possible.

  40. Shera says:

    Kara, i'll be waiting for the next chapter )) Have a luck. I hope, you understood my Eanglish )))

  41. Beth says:

    It's fascinating to see Tahlvin's reaction — not surprising though. And I'm with Gayl. Backstory!

    Some of the most wonderful writing, and fabulous shots anywhere! I'm in awe!

  42. Crystal says:

    Hey Kara. You are my SimIdol. Lol. You have sparked a love interest for sims by making Tahlvin lol. :XO: Your stories are the better than any I have EVER seen. But I did have a question…when you see Emily walking with Edmond how did you make them walk on the sidewalk…I know it sounds like a dumb question….but I just don't know how…example if you are at a home lot and you want them to walk on the sidewalk more than just on their lot how do you do that or walk to another downtown lot if you are already in downtown? Sorry I know a mouthful.

    By the way I have the Sims2 and the Nightlife EP.

  43. Anna Maria says:

    Hello Kara :)
    I have a little question, where did you take Edmond's clothes from ?
    I looked for his outfits on sites from credits page, but couldn't find it. Maybe I'm just blind.

    I enjoy your stories so much, I'm your new fan ;)

  44. Kara says:

    Thank you, girls!

    Anna Maria, you're not blind. That list is a bit out-of-date. :o Also, I kind of mix and match for his outfits, so it's hard to find his exact ones anywhere. However, you can get his first outfit (the vest outfit minus the gloves) from Garden of Shadows by Bosie/Problematique. His second outfit you can get from Club Crimsyn by Aikea_Guinea (shirt, cuffed jeans [both are on the same page], and scarf). And the outfit he wore in this chapter was cobbled together by me from various Aikea textures, but you can find similar outfits from Club Crimsyn. I hope that is somewhat helpful. :)

  45. Anna Maria says:

    Oh Kara, thanks a lot! Plus, I havent known Club Crimsyn site before, their stuff rock :]


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