The First Baby

November 24th, 2004

Joe feeds Atticus his first meal.

After a couple "try for baby" woo-hoo sessions, I heard the tell-tale lullaby music, which means the Sim has gotten pregnant. Katrina had a relatively easy pregnancy. She vomited a few times the first day, and was hungry and sleepy the remaining two days. But she was never cranky. Since she was on maternity leave, I had her study a lot.

On the third day, in the afternoon, she went into labor. Joe stopped his exercises and came into the bedroom to watch her give birth. It was a boy! I named him "Atticus."

Babies grow up very fast.

Atticus wasn't a baby for very long—only one day in fact. He was a good baby and only cried when he soiled his diapers. Usually a baby's life span is three days, but (other than being super cute) babies just aren't as much fun as toddlers so I "grew him up" as soon as I could.

Atticus becomes a toddler.

Aw! Isn't he cute? This was the last time I saw that romper outfit on him. My toddlers seem to spend 99% of their time in their pajamas. (I always forget that I can change them into their "everyday" outfits by using the changing table.)

A smart baby, Atticus learns to talk...

I used the aspiration points that Katrina had accrued to purchase the Smart Milk maker. It's hilarious, when the toddler drinks smart milk it looks like he drank some sort of radioactive substance—he has a glowy aura that surrounds him (yes, I forgot to take a screenshot of it…d'oh).

Anyway, I had Atticus drink smart milk and Joe wear the thinking cap, and I was able to teach Atticus to talk…

...and walk...

…and walk…

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18 Responses to “The First Baby”

  1. chattykathy says:

    what a cute house! i still haven't experimented with having babies and making them grow up yet. i'm missing out on all that. i'm enjoying all the "growing up" in all the legacy stories that i've been following.

  2. heidi says:

    Your house is adorable. I wish I had built mine smaller now, but since I had that big lot I thought I might as well make use of it. I don't landscape as much as I should…however you did have a Fortune Sim so you're probably landscaped to death :)

  3. Jen says:

    Aww, Atticus is a cutie! Love the house, too. It just looks so cozy. Mine's a sprawling mess. :roll: About teaching toddlers to walk, I've had that same problem with the thinking cap + smart milk — apparently it's a bug, as the skill bar just keeps resetting itself instead of filling up all the way. I hope they give us that patch soon…

  4. Leslie says:

    Another wonderful part of the legacy. I really like the name Atticus because it's so unique and special. I admire your housebuilding skills…

  5. Kara says:

    I'm glad everyone likes the "design" of the house so far. Thank you! It's the first house I've built in the game (I usually download houses) and I feel like it's just cobbled together of additions that I add on when I happen to have some extra money. :lol:

  6. Mieko says:

    Wow. I like Atticus. I think we have a genius on our hands. Great start. 8)

  7. Kim Struble--The Sis says:

    Cool stuff, sis!! Love the story and watching them get together and grow up. Very cute house!! :smile:

  8. Lani says:

    See, your legacy family seems to be thriving. I tried it last night and the only NPC my "female" liked was the mailman. He was broke (only added $1,000 simoleons) and he was butt ugly. LOL! She proposed to him and he ran away never to be seen again. LOL! I gave up!

    Your legacy family is adorable too, btw. :lol:

  9. Janice says:

    Aww I love toddlers! they're so cute! Is it just me or did you change the outside wallpaper of your house? and yeah for some reason toddlers/children learn so much faster than adults! One of my kids form anotehr family has got I think about 7 creative skills as a child, it's really strange. Btw, do the adults still follow the old routine for learnign skills like 1 hour for 1st skill point, 2 hrs for 2nd skill pt etc?

  10. Kara says:

    Yep, I did change the outside wallpaper. It was yellow before. I needed a change. :)

    Actually, I'm not sure how the stats break down for adults learning. But, from observation, "1 hour for 1st skill point, 2 hrs for 2nd skill pt etc" sounds about right.

  11. coolguy says:

    :razz: im so stupid i didnt even notice how long it took to get skill points.all i knew is that the more skill points the longer it takes.:shock:

  12. chattykathy says:

    don't feel bad, coolguy, i didn't know either. i have a couple sims that finally maxed out a skill each. it was taking forever, but now i know why. LOL i enjoyed just watching them work towards this goal.

  13. Darkmagic3111 says:

    DId you know that if you type motherlode in the cheat box you get $50,000? Or are you the type of people that like to earn money on there own?

  14. Kara says:

    Oh, I am completely the type of person who uses "motherlode" to get all the money I want. lol I'm shameless (and I like having nice houses from the beginning). The only house I'm playing without the money cheats ("motherlode" and "kaching") is the Legacy Challenge household.

  15. coolguy says:

    i love usin motherlode.its fast yet easy.

  16. darkmagic3111 says:

    i use motherlode too. every house of mine has $999,999,999 :oops:. But i went to the internet and saw motherlode and so me and my friend created a $281,000 dollar house so we typed in motherloed but we spelled it motherloed (no idea why we didnt see it). so we typed kaching 280 times before our moms told us you spell it motherlode! and we typed in K-A-C-H-I-N-G not copy and paste it with Ctrl V. so we laughed and we did more rich families and that is how my rich families tradition got started.

  17. simister says:

    :?: I didn't know you could make babies grow up faster…hmmm…
    Ha haha. My toddlers do seem to spend most of their time in their nightclothes too. My sims are usually too tired to change them, kids are soo demanding and cute!:grin:

  18. coolguy says:

    always with the pajamas.