June 20th, 2008

My husband got me Sims Castaway Stories as an early birthday gift. I've had fun with it so far. The game play is a little simplistic (it's almost like they hold your hand the entire game and show you the answers to the puzzles without even letting you try it out yourself first), but I really enjoy some aspects of the game. I like the new job system. Your character can be a hunter, gatherer or crafter, and instead of working for simoleons (§) they are working for resources and food. I like that you can use some CC (custom creations) in the game, such as skins, make-up, hair, and some clothes. Also, your Sim can adopt an orangutan. Very funny!

But, my favorite part of the game? The objects, plants and clothes! OMG, I want them for my main Sims 2 game so badly! I so wish EA would offer a Castaway Stuff Pack or something. I would almost kill to get it. :XO: I think a few of the pieces might have made it into Bon Voyage, but not nearly enough. I want everything! *sigh…* :cry:

Until that happens though (my guess is when hell freezes over), here are some pictures of my character Sophia Black the Pirate Queen as she struggles to survive after washing up on shore of a deserted island after her ship was plundered by rival pirates. :idea:

See what I mean? Aren't those plants beautiful? Your Sim can eat fruit from the trees too (coconuts, bananas and papayas). Also, I love the water effect. Very pretty.

Sophia is trying to spear a fish for dinner.

She actually stabbed herself in the foot once. Not too smart to do on a deserted island.

So happy about her first fish. I think she was more excited that she didn't have to drink anymore coconut milk…it was giving her the runs. :P

Sophia decides to try to make it off the island. She wants revenge on the pirates who took her ship, after all.

During her explorations of the island, she comes across a carved idol.

After some misadventures with the idol (it was cursed), she finds its rightful resting spot.

Also during her explorations, she has the good fortune to find a deserted home that some other poor soul had built while they were stranded on the island. She's just glad to be sleeping in a bed again.


11 Responses to “Castaway”

  1. Tanya says:

    The water is lovely :XO: If you visit MATY you can download plants and other items that people have converted from Castaway so that they work in TS2. Here are some links:,11872.0.html,11977.0.html,12053.0.html,11826.0.html,11861.0.html

    Other items at PMBD converted by devilsrope:,745.msg88394.html#msg88394

  2. Lisa says:

    Your pictures are beautiful.

  3. Kara says:

    Tanya, thank you so much! :XO: Wow! I had no idea that all of that converting had (or could have) been done. I spent a couple hours at MATY last night downloading the stuff from the links you gave me and more. In fact, I stumbled upon a post that pretty much listed all the Castaway Stories stuff that's currently converted on MATY (at least as far as I could tell). Thank you again! I'm so excited.

    And thanks to you too, Lisa! It's actually really hard to take pictures in the storymode of CS. I'm so used to taking pictures in Sims 2 where I can make the UI disappear, zoom in and out with ease, and remove the dreaded plumb bob. Taking pictures in CS definitely requires a lot of fiddling and finagling. It's kind of frustrating. I wonder if it's different in the freemode?

  4. Reyoko says:

    Oh…! She looks so cool! 8O
    I like the outfit she has on. Can't imagine that someone as beautiful as her was / is a pirate!

  5. Tanya says:

    You're welcome Kara, and thanks for posting a link to the list :XO: I'll have a look and see which items I'm missing!

  6. Cadie says:

    Wow, shes pretty. I didn't know you could get CC into Castaway, I was thinking about getting once but decided not to because of the whole CC issue, but hey you just proved me wrong, now i wanna get it again :P The landscape is absolutely gorgeous as well.

    Im off to download converted shtuff :lol:

  7. Lani says:

    The whole thing reminds me of Swiss Family Robinson! It looks like a lot of fun – something romantic about being a castaway.

  8. Dektora says:

    Can you import your sims face shapes in Castaway too? I'll just let my mind wander at the thought if you don't mind *Jason+deserted island…*
    I'm not very much iterested by sims stories games, as they look to much guide through and limited (on top of other "marketing" considerations I won't bother you with).
    But the water looks amazing 8O

  9. sleepless says:

    no way! and this woman is a pirate?! 8O heehee. :lol: such a beautiful Pirate Queen :idea: but I really/still can't believe that someone like she can be a pirate. ah, never mind.
    Congratulations you with this gift (I mean, that you finally get CC story). And happy belated birthday my dear Kara! ::-*:

  10. Kara says:

    Reyoko, Cadie, and sleepless, she is a bit too pretty to be a pirate, isn't she? But, no matter, in my defense I offer Elizabeth from Pirates of the Caribbean. She was beautiful…and a pirate. :idea: So there… :P ;) Much more fun to look at than what a real pirate might have looked like. heehee

    Lani, it's totally like Swiss Family Robinson! I loved that movie as a kid. Also, I turned on the TV earlier today and Blue Lagoon was on (God, Brooke was so young in that!). It reminds me of that too.

    Oh, and Dektora, great idea about "Jason+deserted island"! :XO: Actually, I think I figured out a way to use custom Sims in Castaway Stories, I'll have to try it out with Jason. Or just use him in my new Castaway neighborhood that I want to make in my regular game. What fun I could have with him!

    And thank you, sleepless, for the birthday wishes! :D

  11. Jess says:

    most people will tell you you cant put CC into castaway, and it took me a heap of tries and way too much downloading. but i found you cant delete the cc in-game which is rather annoying 'coz some hairs stuffed upp and all the file names are "8976545238" etc…
    anyone know an easier way to delete them?


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