Lord Carfax

October 31st, 2006

Edited 11.02.06:
Lord Carfax is named after a character in the Jem animated show from the '80s, and not after car history report site. D'oh! I totally forgot about that site. I feel like such a dork now. Poor guy!

Lord William Carfax by AtomicSpaceKitty

Lord William Carfax is the Earl of Carfax during the mid 18th century. He is also the model of my new Rococo outfit and the first sim that I will be offering for download. I've had a lot of people ask if I would upload my models but, since the models I've used in the past were created for my stories, I declined. However, William has been made especially for you. I think he has some similarities to my other sims so hopefully you'll enjoy him.

You may download him from MTS2 or InSIMenator.

As you can see in the above picture, I created a lot of new custom content for Carfax. I was trying to give him a unique look while using a version of SimCribbling's skin, which is fairly common. I also created something that I've never seen offered for download before—the cheek hollow. It is the shadowed part of the cheek between the jaw and the cheekbones. By shadowing that area of the face, I think it emphasises the sim's cheekbones and gives the face a more chiseled appearance. I've also made it multi-wearable (thanks to a tutorial by HystericalParoxysm) which means your sim can wear it with blush and any other type of makeup.

Another piece of custom content that I made multi-wearable are the Eyelids which means that they won't disappear from your sims' face when you put eyeliner or eyeshadow on them (they layer underneath eyeliner and eyeshadow). The eyelids can be found under "Blush" in the "Makeup" section of CAS and Body Shop. I know, weird, huh? But they are easier to find there than in the "Cosmetic Mask" section and the multi-wearable/layerability trick doesn't work on eyeshadow or eyeliner.

Off topic: the above picture has become one of my favorites.

Anyway, Lord Carfax comes to your Sim neighborhood fresh from his bath, dressed in a fluffy blue towel, and ready to seduce the sims in your royal courts. 😉

If you're interested in the 18th century suit, wig and tricorne that he's wearing in the other pictures then you can download them here. (link coming soon)

Special thanks to:

SummmerSong86 for allowing free use of her beautiful textures which allowed me to make the eyelids that William is wearing, Rose for her sexy hair and mesh that she allowed me to include in this download, Tiggerpum for her fun loincloth mesh, Lin for her version of SimCribbling's skin, Helaene for her genetics that I love and use all the time, Merco/Hairfish for the teeth she made so that my sims look more realistic, and HystericalParoxysm for her easy-to-follow and brilliant "changing makeup layering/multi-wearability" tutorial.

Picture Credits (for specifics, please ask):

Lord Willam Carfax: see current post for details, suit by me and available for download (link coming soon)
Lady Clarissa Carfax: gowns by All About Style; lounge/nightgown by Fashion2Sims.com, black hair by Kavar @ InSIMenator; wig recolor by me, mesh/texture by Besen; loose black hair recolor by me, mesh/texture by SussiSoGoodSims2, skin by me (modified version of SimCribbling's Light skintone); blush, eyes & eyebrows by Helaene; eyelashes & lipcolor by me (recolor of lips from Enayla's Pixie Gold skin and from my Just Lips collection); white face powder by Genensims; jewelry by PeggySims and VitaSims
Period furniture & decorations by VitaSims (from their donation sets) and Simnuts101 @ MTS2
Walls, floors & ceilings by KomoSims

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11 Responses to “Lord Carfax”

  1. E. Black says:

    Oh he's delicious. Simulated sex, dear.

  2. amalinaball says:

    Wow! I'm so happy! 🙂 A real, genuine Kara/AtomicSpaceKitty guy for me to play around with! Huzzah!!

    He's gorgeous! 😉 So…many many thanks!

  3. eva says:

    Well now, thank you very much for your thoughtfullness :D. I'm kinda shocked that we get to actually play with a "Kara Sim". Fine by me..more sexy sims to add to my collection, which is actually very small..sad. Lord Carfax(which kinda reminds me of that Carfax vehicle history thing) kinda looks like…Alec..from the Worlds Apart story. But I don't know if it's Alec I'm talking about because I'm bad with names. The only people I reallly really know are Tahlvin (drool) and Hale (drool) and Brandee. Oh well, whichever one Brandee married and had beautiful twins with is the one I'm talking about. And can you believe it that I'd never messed with the Insimenator before yesterday night? It was so freakin' cool, I almost died while using it. It was so fun. I can't believe I'd never really wanted to use it before. The only reason I used it now is because of that thing which makes gameplay more interesting the..random occurence scenarios or something. I found it at Jenba's website.So fun. But anyway I ramble too much..I meant to talk about Lord Carfax's revealing outfit..his fluffy and mighty sexy blue towel. I've never seen a towel be so sexy before in my life. Ain't it a shame? Did your husband mind that you asked him to model in such provacative things? Haha, I'm sure he didn't but I like to laugh about my stupid scenarios anyway. SO anyway..I need to stop rambling and leave. I loved this update..And you always introduce me to talented creaters..YES! Thanks.

  4. Jenny says:

    wow, what a beautifully done set!..very inspiring and well done:D…I would love to see a story with these sims you made, stories set in that time frame are so fun to read. thanks for all your hard work and designs, i love them!

  5. cazkiwi says:

    I'll have some of whatever Eva (above) is taking 😀 Sheesh!! Hehe!

    Gorgeous pics, and I love the cheek hollow. What a glorious, real-looking sim! 😀

  6. MSR-EPH says:

    Your Lord Carfax is simply stunning — all of him — and the Rococo suit is an amazing work of art! Heh, I'm so excited, I don't know which to download first.

    And your pictures are more than lovely, as usual; your favorite is mine too. 😉

  7. Kiwi says:

    I definitely agree with Cazkiwi about the cheek hollow…it makes him look so noble and realistic! Will be downloading him for sure!

  8. Jen says:

    He's absolutely stunning! Wow. Thanks so much for sharing him with us, and regardless of the car vehicle history connection, I really dig the name "Lord Carfax". 🙂 Your pictures are such gorgeous eye-candy — what a beautiful setting for 18th century Sims. And hooray for the eyelid and cheek hollow! Anything to make our sadly-neglected male Sims look less like molded plastic is very much appreciated. Wonderful job!

  9. Alicia says:

    Hello. 😉 I've been reading your story[and everything else on this site.. haha] and just wanted to drop in a line to tell you how fantastic it is! I'm amazed at the pictures and even more amazed that you have captured a certain realism that some people find hard to bring out in their sims. The expressions, the detail even in just the little photoshoot you did with your boys – it's wonderful. I already downloaded Lord Carfax and he is stunning in-game.

    Thank you and I'm sure you'll continue to amaze people as long as you have the game! ^_~

  10. Chloe says:

    TALENT GALORE! oh my, I so badly want to learn. TEACH ME. just what do you do to get all of these???? do you go into photoshop and everything? and argh, i'm so overwhelmed right now!!!

  11. Kara says:

    Do you mean how did I create the clothes for him? I did it all with Bodyshop and photoshop. I learned everything by looking at tutorials on MTS2. 🙂


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