Girl Meets Boy

November 22nd, 2004

Eww...Katrina eats her burned pancakes.

One morning when Katrina was getting ready to go to work (she's working on the scientist career track), she burned her pancakes. Luckily, by this time she had a fire alarm so a fireman came to put it out (and, silly me, I forgot to take a picture of it). She didn't have time to make a new breakfast before she went to work so I had her eat her charcoaled pancake remains. As you can see, she barely managed to choke them down.

The kitchen...such as it is.

Nice kitchen, eh? hehe The house was so small. While she was the only Sim there, I didn't even have the bathroom walled off. It was all just one big room. I wish I had taken more pictures of the house, but at the time I wasn't even sure if I'd be blogging about the Legacy Challenge.

Finally, their relationship is high enough for Katrina to pop the question...

Finally, despite my impatience and having Katrina do flirt interactions with Joe before he was ready to accept them (thereby causing their relationship to go down), I managed to get their relationship high enough for Katrina to ask the most important question: "Joe, will you move in with me?"

Joe moves in!

You see, she was just after his money! When Joe agreed to move in he brought §12,000 to the table. He also brought a job (he's a professional party guest from the Slacker career path) and thirteen friends.

With Joe's money, I upgrade the shack.

As soon as I saw all the money I now had, I upgraded the shack. It was still small but at least the house had an actual bathroom as well as a bedroom. I also wallpapered the rooms and bought a few paintings. To fulfill a couple of Joe's aspirations (he's a fortune Sim which means he wants to acquire a lot of stuff), I bought a pink flamingo (he wanted a sculpture…it was cheap), and some bushes for the yard.

Poor Joe, it's actually really hard to fulfill his wants because the Keene family just doesn't have very much money.

Oops!  Denied!

So, Katrina and Joe moved into their newly remodeled home. And, after making out and flirting, they fell in love. But then I had to go an ruin it…again. I was all excited and decided I wanted them to get engaged. Joe proposed but Katrina just wasn't ready and turned him down. This caused them to fall out of love. However, it didn't damage their relationship overly much and I was able to get them to fall in love again rather quickly.

Joe asks again the very next day.

The next Sim day, I had Joe propose again. This time Katrina accepted. In a (very) no frills private ceremony directly following the engagement, Joe and Katrina got married.

Now, it was time to get started on the next generation of Keenes.


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14 Responses to “Girl Meets Boy”

  1. Jen says:

    Cool!! I'm so glad you posted about your Legacy family. The pics are great and your renovated house is too cute! I wish I would have married Nia to a Townie instead of an NPC — they have diddly squat for money, which made it more difficult to get going.

  2. chattykathy says:

    okay, since i'm not doing the legacy challenge (but i'm so interested in the stories), i've noticed that you have to buy a 5 x 5 lot. i know you have to have 10 generations… but do they all have to live on the same lot? meaning, do you have to build multiple houses on the same lot? is that why the lot has to be so big? the reason why i'm asking is that Heidi was building a second home on her lot. i guess i could've asked her but i was just here so i thought i'd ask you! :)

  3. Lauren says:

    A very nice start. I always like your stories and updates. Building a family across several generations is how my daughter plays. I've asked her how she thinks she will feel when "her" Sim dies. Her family is now 2nd generation and she is the matrioc character. She said she'll feel sad but as long as her children are doing well, it will be fine. She's such a sweet kid. I think she's going to make a great mom in RL. Good luck with the challenge.

  4. Mieko says:

    Don't ever shut down your blog.
    Even if you snip your stories abit, I love reading about other people's sims…
    besides, I've had the game since september and haven't been able to play -because I need a differant graphics card…- so yeah, I get to watch OTHER people play.

  5. Janice says:

    hehe pretty house for a budget house^^ I'm currently trying out the Legacy challenge too. lol… took me about 3 or 4 days to get my sims to mirry a townie!

  6. Daniele says:

    Hi…I am rather new and have heard snipits about the legacy challenge…but I don't know anything more about it…where do I find more information or could you point me in the right direction?:?::?:

  7. Leslie says:

    Good job, I'd love to hear about your Legacy challenge! I think I will start my own challenge soon! :idea:

  8. Jade Eliott says:

    A nice read! You do not have to post three pages (or even two) to give us good stories! Short and sweet takes the pressure off of you. :-)

  9. PeophinGal says:

    There's a link to infomation to the Legacy Challenge info on the first page, just click: Legacy Challenge. (Hint its a blue word.)

  10. heidi says:

    Great! Another legacy challenge, it's so fun to see how everybody does their stories. I can't wait to see more! I need to post some about my legacy family again. I have two generations so far but it's so hard to keep everybody happy all the time…especially with children!

  11. Natou says:

    Ca à l'air mignon comme histoire… :wink: je pense que pas beaucoup me comprendrons, mais bon moi en meme temps je comprend mal l'anglais…

    A ce qui comprenne vous êtes trop fort!!!! :shock:
    Une française

  12. coolguy says:

    huh??:shock:wow and i thought i talked weird.:shock:

  13. Raiven says:

    How did you move yr SIMS fr one neighbourhood to the next? I thought they could only stay were they started out. Please tell. I have endless SIMS scattered all over the place and I would like to get them toghether.

  14. simister says:

    I heard about the legacy challenge and am so interested in doing it. I've just been playing NPC's without making a sim family of my own.I'm planning on taking the challenge, but when I think I can do it. My poor sim!!!

    Oh yeah Raiven, look in your sims 2 book on pages 8 to 11. It'll explain how to move your families closer together (or further apart) and how to load 'em into your desired neighborhood. :wink: