December 5th, 2009

This was pointed out to me today on Simsecret:


Seriously, what is it that makes some people so hateful? I know this "secret" wasn't aimed solely at me, but still… What gives them the right to think they have the right to tell me what Sims I should or shouldn't be making? They are my characters. I can do whatever I damn well want with them.

And really…"no offence [sic], but…". The only time that phrase is used is when someone knows they are being offensive.

Also, "the secret is not aimed at the creator who did this character…". Ri-ight… They why was a picture of my character used to illustrate your point?

Grrrr… I really, really hate people sometimes.

This really pissed me off. Normally, I'd try to ignore something like this, but I guess it just came about at an emotionally fragile time. I think I'll just keep this site for Sims 2 stuff from now on and enjoy my Sims 3 characters on my own.


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  1. Bansidhe says:

    I really hope you do not. There are many of us who eagerly await each of your chapters. You are incredibly talented in all of the pursuits we know of, from these wonderful stories to your bjd photography. Please don't let the spitefullness of one person overwhelm the praise and admiration of many. I have been a fan since swg and am awed by your talent. 🙁

  2. gayl says:

    Kara, people like this are generally envious of the talents of other people. It is cruel and insensitive and that whole "secrets" thing is a load of crap. I don't blame you for feeling singled out by this and being hurt. I also agree that people who use the phrase "no offense" know they are being offensive.

    I, for one, have enjoyed every single moment of the glimpses you give us of your characters in sims 3. Yours are one of the main reasons why I might ever consider the game down the road one day. People like that are in the minority and probably have nothing better to do with their lives than come up with garbage like that.

    Sending big hugs

  3. Stacey says:

    WOAH!!! That pisses ME off just having to look at it! I didn't full realize it until you said it, isn't that Edmund?
    That singling out is awful, and you're right, they have no right to tell you what type of sims you make! Listen to your fan base and not this idiot, we want you to continue writing with your sims 3!
    Anyway, no matter what you do, I'll just be happy that you continue writing.
    Don't let this bring you down!

  4. Jenn says:

    Just ignore that, your sims are great, both sims 2 and 3. One spiteful person shouldn't ruin things for you. I love your updates and you shouldn't stop because of a dumb secret.

  5. christing says:

    Kara, I agree with what everyone who posted before me has said. I'm really sad to see that a petty person who doesn't even have the guts to post non-anonymously upset you. You are EXTREMELY talented and I LOVE your stories, screenshots and characters. I really enjoy seeing an update from you. I hope all of the love and appreciation you get from your visitors banishes the effect that nasty secret had on you.

    And I'm really sorry to hear you're going through emotional difficulties. If you ever need to talk, you know how to find me. (((Kara)))

    Wishing you & your kitties & your hubby & your BJDs & your simmies all the best, and hope you'll keep sharing your screenshots and stories with us, when it's convenient for you of course (no pressure, just love!).

  6. HydraKitten says:

    Are you iffin kidding me? They're just jealous so don't stop and let them win! I for one adore your sims 3 conversion as I prefer the boost in hawt- I mean realism & posability. I'm always looking forward to updates. Granted, I'd be on a terrible rage having my character's image used like that but give yourself time to look through past comments and see how much everyone loves them – screw that one single offender, you've got a huge loving audience who are looking forward to your next installment 😆 .

  7. TheLunarFox says:

    I saw that, and thought that sim looked familiar. In that same batch of secrets, there was another secret about the conversions of TSA2 stuff to TS3 stuff, so some people seem to have some issues with TS3 replacing TS2. I wouldn't take it too personal. If you don't want to share after that, I understand; I'd probably feel the same. But don't let it get to you.

  8. S.B. says:

    Envy and total lack of anything under the skull but dryer lint pretty much explains it. Shots from Shrew World. You're a huge target because you're so good. You're the celebrity. I wish I could say ignore them but I know how much it must hurt. Still…HAHAHAH who are they kidding they are trying to take YOU down???? Not going to happen!!!!!

    many hugs…..

  9. Adele says:

    Baaaaaaahahahahahaaa, oh dear. The best part about these hate secrets is that the people creating them are always TERRIBLE at spelling, proper grammar, punctuation and capitalization. Oi. 'I' is capitalized only sometimes, right? Right?

    Kara, don't let it get to you! I have a few nasty simsecrets that were made about me, too. I like to pretend that I own the creators' time spent on the secrets. I mean, they DID spend the time thinking of me. I have a little tiny part of their souls now, I'm pretty sure.

    So yeah– picture this whiny cur in a dank basement, pathetically clicking away, thinking of which glow filter looked best on the text. Wooo, soul's Kara's now, biatch! Suck it.

  10. Trina says:

    Kara – We love what you do regardless of whether it be for Sims 2 or Sims 3. I know that I personally come here because you are an artist! Your pictures are phenomenal and I could never create such realistic looking sims in Sims 2 or Sims 3. Please don't let some trivial nincompoop cause you to stop doing what you do.

    Sometimes jealousy makes people feel that they have the right to say anything. Those of us who appreciate your talent will always be here for you Kara!

  11. Kara says:

    You guys…you're beyond amazing! I feel very grateful to all of you and I'm very touched by your words. Logically, I know it's silly to be hurt by this person, but my heart doesn't always listen to my brain. However, all I have to do is read your bolstering words to remind myself that I shouldn't let their hate get under my skin. "Thanks" just doesn't seem enough to convey my gratitude, but I'll say it anyway, "Thank you for lifting my spirits and having my back. You guys are the greatest!" *hugs*


  12. Dektora says:

    The way I see it, the person who wrote the secret probably never created a personna for one of his/her sims. So how could he/she understand that when you create characters, you give them a personnality, a past, an entourage, an identity. The characters lives outside of physical representations. It doesn't matter if you give them one with sims 2 or sims 3 pixels, BJD resins, sculting clay, human flesh or even puppet foam.
    To me, this person just created pretty sims and played the game with them, living the creativity through the work of people who actually use their imagination, like you.
    Plus as you can see, for one tiny, silly secret, you have tons of love comments of your blog 😀

    (@ Adele: I now have a vision of a dark basement, walls covered with shelves of tiny glass jars of different colors and sizes, containing tiny glowing pieces of souls. And you, fist on hips, manically laughing in front of them 😯 )

  13. Mesha says:

    Kara, I really hope you don't do that but if you do that's your choice but I want to tell you this… Worlds Apart changed how I viewed Sims forever. The versatility of your characters are amazing and just the stories you come up with blew my mind and I have been a writer for a very long time. That person was hating on you and like they say in my neighborhood, you must be doing something right and you need to figure out how you can get 20 more haters. Let them hate, Kara, that means their just mad that your better at this than them. Don't let the haters bring you down, use their evil power to boost you up.

  14. sim_fi says:

    That is the most ridiculous thing in the world! If you wanted to do your characters as a throwback in Sims 1, that's your prerogative. And I agree, why use your character's photo if it wasn't aimed at you too. I hope you'll continue to do what YOU want. Your characters are amazing and your writing is inspiring. Just laugh at this hater and continue to do what makes you (and by extension us) happy.

  15. Stephanie says:

    God people can be so stupid sometimes. 😈

    *shouts to person* Just because you can't make a sim to save your life doesn't mean you can't pick on people who can :vangry: ! Idiot…
    Don't worry about it though ❓ , this place has all sorts of annoying people in it. As for the chapter thingy, just do whatever feels right 🙂 . I'll be reading it no matter what the hell it is! 😛

  16. MDP says:

    😡 What a louse, seriously. 😈 How dare he/she/it!!! I absolutely love to see if people can recreate their sims from TS2 to TS3. I, myself, have done that. Of course, I don't have TS2 anymore. And, you did a fabulous job recreating your characters, Kara. They are YOUR characters. You don't have to answer to anyone about YOUR characters. That's the whole purpose. 8)

  17. Hev says:

    Please keep showing us your characters. I love seeing them. Don't listen to the envious fools. They just wish that they had your talent. Please show us non-talented people your talent. :XO:

  18. jenny says:

    Kara, seriously….that site is just full of hate! its the worst, i wish it would go away actually. Horrid idea whomever came up with it. Your stuff is simply incredible, they are just jealous and need to get a life! Please keep posting….i check your site almost daily…..it inspires and I love your stories.

  19. Jentyre says:

    Whosoever posted that secret needs to apologize, along with some other things. There is nothing wrong with what you or any other creator is doing. Besides, Edmund is great, so I don't see why they used HIM of all the sims in the world. And I don't care what they say, everything you've done has been and still is amazing to me every time i look at it. So they can just stuff it.

  20. Ju says:

    It has taken me a little while to even let this sink into my brain. You have been an inspiration to me since the very first time I stumbled onto your site, before you had even posted the outtakes for the first chapter of Worlds Apart. You gave me dreams for my sims, and you gave me vision in a whole new way. But beyond the sims, you introduced me to a world of deeper imagination… and how something can be so imperfect, but so beautiful because of it. Your work is like perfection, because each and every flaw you give your characters makes them unique; that is truly perfect. I feel the reason for this is that you give your characters a life of their own. You breathe into them tiny pieces of yourself and the people around you… and the music you hear, the artwork you see, the beautiful scents you smell. It's a blend of everything that has touched your life, and it's glorious! You taught me that in order to reach a deeper level of honesty in the characters, it doesn't have to be (and sometimes can't be) perfect, but that makes it perfect! If any of that makes any sense at all.

    You are so passionate about your sims, and your stories, and your dolls, and all of the things you take on. It is so refreshing to see that! But to be so passionate, it is as if you are on fire. People are intimated and frightened by fire. Many people run and hide, and just as many people try to put the fire out. The bigger the fire gets, the more passionate you become, the more people will try to put you out. They will try harder, and there will be more of them. Don't let them put you out! Shine!

    Do what you need to do, and I will be praying for you. May God bless you and those around you in your stuggling time.

  21. Kara says:

    Wow! Have I told you guys that you're amazing? Because you are! Your support and words have meant more than I can possibly say and have brought tears to my eyes. Not tears of anger and hurt, but tears of happiness. Thank you again for having my back and taking the time to bolster my spirits.

    All of you have said some things that have really made me think as well. I've realized that I don't want to let other people stifle my creativity no matter what they may say. Unfortunately, there will always be hateful and petty people out there, but I've got to learn not to let them bring me down to their level or to let them stop me from doing what I like to do, otherwise they've won. You think I would have learned this lesson by this time in my life, but I guess not. haha

    Thanks for helping me through this. Hugs to all you! :XO:


  22. Ju says:

    ;] Anytime Kara, you're website is a blessing in my life, so I am glad I could give back, even in a small way.

    You inspire me.

  23. Cindy says:

    Please don't listen to people who can't do anything but put very talented people down.

    I fervently hope that you can see past the "stupid" ( using their word) people and continue with your wonderful stories whether it be with ts3 or ts2. I myself love them all. I come here regularly to see what is new, and it always makes me excited no matter what you have done.

    I am an honest fan as are so many others. Believe me when I say " There are more people that love your work then there is that doesn't"

    Thank you for letting me rant about this

  24. Sheryl says:

    Seriously, I agree with everyone here. Edmond is hot in either game! Come on, Simsecret people! Don't you have any taste?!

    Besides, Cindy said it very nicely. I love the story behind it all, and when I read your writing the pictures are just a very lovely bonus. Okay….well the pictures are a lot of it, but I always love them no matter what game you're using. You always do such a fantastic job. 😀

  25. anon says:

    Kara, I was looking at your TS3 screenshots and THOUGHT I was looking at your TS2 ones. That's how incredible they are. Ignore the whiny wussies at simsecret, they're mostly kids just writing stuff to piss off people for shit and giggles. TS3 Has a definite difficulty curve on making less "Pudding" looks (An after effect I believe from EAxis making sims even more cartoonish), I know I couldn't do it without slider hacks. You put a lot of care and effort into your sims, it shows. It's your game you can do whatever the fuck you want. 🙂 With that said, I hope you do continue posting TS3/TS2 or whatever else you like because clearly your blog is good/enjoyed or it wouldn't even garnish the tasteless bad publicity 😛 (see jealous simsecret poster is jealous)

  26. Kylie says:

    Kara dear,
    I am guilty of not posting enough of my appreciation of your work here at your site, but reading your post tonight has finally brought me to speak up and tell you how your work touches, inspires, intrigues and nourishes my soul every time I drop by to check what new creation you are sharing with the world.

    Think about it this way – this one hater has brought someone like me who normally is too busy/lazy to speak up to tell you how much I love your work and your creations, which I haven't done for a long time!The worst in bad people often brings out the very best in good people, and luckily for this world, the good far outweighs the bad in the big scheme of things.

    As for replicating your characters through various different formats, obviously this person has never had the emotional and spiritual experience of dreaming up, becoming attached to and nurturing imaginary characters over years or even a lifetime! Adults who have a rich imagination and a fully-developed inner world are rare and soooo lucky! Only those who have experienced this blessing themselves can really understand. Think about Tolkien who first penned stories about his imaginary world in the trenches of World War One and continued to develop the rich language, history and culture of his worlds until the day he died. What a treasure he left the world – the gift from his heart and imagination of an entire lifetime!

    Kara, I have always thought you and I were amazingly similar. I too have carried characters around with me from early childhood who are still my friends and companions to this day (I'm 34)! I've written endless stories about these characters, filled in their history, their personalities, their hobbies, their families and relationships. I am still writing about, thinking about, drawing and re-inventing these characters to this day. To me, one of the most exciting things about The Sims 1 was the sudden ability to breathe "real life" into these imaginary characters – create their likenesses from scratch, create entire wardrobes for them that would suit their style and personalities, build their houses and community places that had existed before only inside my head and then play with these little people, all the time telling their story and capturing their lives in photos.
    To prove to you that you are not the only person who has carried beloved imaginary characters around for a lifetime, check out this link to my Picture Trail account. In there you will find my Sims 1 versions of my precious characters that I created from scratch – faces and costumes included. You can see my favourite characters have entire families attached! The hand-drawn picture of Jeanie Taylor (my favourite character) I did when I was about 11 years old. So this set of characters has been part of my life for a very, very long time!

    When The Sims 2 came along, I found the technology was even better for re-creating my characters. By re-creating them, I merely transferred their souls from one vessel to another. There was nothing artificial about re-creating them – they were still the same characters they had always been, but it was possible to do so much more with them that I preferred the vessel the Sims 2 provided to the older game. But regardless of which vessel I choose to represent my characters what never changes is the life they have in my own imagination. In some ways the way I depict my characters is completely irrelevant because they have their true life only in my imagination.

    Now my newest hobby is one you will immediately understand – bringing those same characters to "life" in another way – as BJD dolls. It never occurred to me this was being repetitive or boring. What a silly supposition!! To create and re-create my characters is as natural to me as breathing in and out. To me it is so fulfilling to have faithful representations of my characters here with me in a physical sense – to look at, enjoy and be inspired by. And BTW, you really should know – the idea of collecting BJD versions of my little people was certainly partly inspired by you. I have been a doll lover and collector my entire life, but mainly of Himstedt dolls. I was getting interested in BJD's for their own sake, but it was reading your BJD blog one night that the powerful connection was made! I suddenly realised it would be so much more meaningful and fun for me to collect BJDs that could represent my precious characters than just collect dolls whose faces I thought were cute or pretty!
    So far, I have collected Iplehouse I and Tania and Dollmore Narsha and Coco to represent some of my characters. They are two sets of sisters – the Matsuko girls and the Taylor girls. I am also on Den of Angels – my name there is Valentinegirl if you ever want to check me out there.

    Finally, I want to commend you for your bravery and courage in putting your precious imaginary world out there for all the world to see, critique, mull over and comment upon. Truly – I admire that! My imaginary world is so special and precious to me that very few people in my life even know it exists. I KNOW many people won't understand if I try to talk about it, so I just don't. No-one else besides me has ever even read my stories about my characters. So you are far braver than me!

    Please don't feel sullied by this one person's jealous comments. Your inner world is so rich, so special and so rare that of course someone like this is going to feel inferior when they come across this incredible outpouring of imagination, artistry and unique self-expression. People often lash out at what they cannot understand. But I understand, and so do many others here. Keep flying the flag for those who have their precious inner worlds intact!!

  27. Ju says:

    Kylie, I pretty much agree with you. :]

  28. Kara says:

    I must sound like a broken record, but I can't say it enough: "Thank you for your support, you guys!" *hugs*

    And, Kylie, I couldn't have said it better myself. It's like you read my mind while writing your post. It also sounds like we have a lot in common. Also, thank you for a glimpse of your Sims 1 characters! They look amazing and the picture really brings back some fun memories of that game. Anyway, I'll look you up on DoA. 🙂

  29. Ju says:

    Merry Christmas everyone! :]

  30. silky says:

    Internet is like tequila: it makes peoples common sense fall off. You did a very good job of recreating Edmund, so don't forget that stupid people with internet should never be taken seriously.

  31. SimLady710 says:

    Girl, seriously, don't let what those losers say get to you. You are extrememly talented. Whoever posted that crap is just jealous of your awesomeness! 🙂

  32. Kim says:

    That pisses me off too. Grrrr… I have nothing more to say… just GRRRRR.

    I really hope you keep showing us your characters. Your Sims 3 sims are some of my favourite sims 3 sims!

  33. Stephanie says:

    Basically, this person should be slapped 😈 …
    Seriously… ❓

  34. Stephanie says:

    Almost forgot: Happy New Year Kara 🙂 . Don't worry about this guy… or girl, they don't know what they're talking about anyway. Some people just like to put others down sometimes. You're very talented and this kind of thing comes with the territory, unfortunately 🙁 .
    People get very envious sometimes 😐 . I don't think I could explain anything as elegantly as Kylie and Ju did but I agree with everything that they said, 🙂 well wrote anyway. Hope I don't sound like an echo or anything by saying that either 😡 .
    I just hope you're feeling better about it. We all miss you.. alot 😥 !

  35. finette88 says:

    Your sims 3 are very beautiful and they look very realistic !

  36. Maddywoo says:

    Who wrote that is a real bastard.
    That was really uncalled for and this is just astoundingly offensive, no matter how many "no offense's" he puts in there–plus that phase does not give you the all clear to be a total and complete dick. Pardon my language

    I'm with you there. People can irk the living shit out of me when they try and chastise people for doing what they please with something that's theirs(Again, pardon my language). Nobody died and made this jackass God so has no right posting something as such. They have no right and most of all, it's none of their business. I really hope this didn't affect you too deep because this person was all too clearly wrong.

    But it just shows that some people are so pitiful that they nothing better to than try to put people down with them.

  37. xtinabobina says:

    umm, I'm pretty sure that if you're not making good enough sims..then none of us are..

    blow it off, no point in getting all worked up about this. (easier said than done, I know) but remember, this game is about FUN. just take everything that others say with a grain of salt and keep your chin up!

    PS, your pictures are beautiful. and your sims are too. :up:

  38. Violet_Placebo says:

    What a shitcake!! Just ignore them your soms look awesome and so are your stories. 😆

  39. Lani says:

    I had no idea this was going on or had gone on! I know what it's like to put your self out there and judging from your fans they do too. I had a horrible comment posted once and it took me some time to let it go. I shrunk back and told the editors of the site that I no longer wanted to participate because of these kinds of comments. (He basically said I needed to pick up a book on how to write – touching, eh?)

    I think you known deep down inside that you're pretty fabulous and talented and I know how hard you work so I'm sure to hear 'they all look the same' is highly insulting but that's like saying all books look the same, all flowers look the same, all people (can I say white people?) look the same, blah, blah, blah. But we know that is simply not true.

    The guy who said that was probably having a bad hair day.

    I've always admired (and have been super jealous) of your blogs. Love you to pieces. Sorry I've been so remiss! I've been too busy stuffing my face with Thai food and throwing my heart at a particular man who doesn't seem to notice. (he doesn't know how to catch, I guess)

    Remember! Dickheads reside on this good earth! But! We do not have to listen to their dickheadery! We must not let the dickheads rise up! (you knew that was coming! ha, ha, ha, ha!!!!) Ahem. Sorry.

    xxoo, lc

  40. Ashton says:

    Maybe it's just a user error, but it seems to me that you haven't updated. I never really comment places, but I just wanted to say that I keep checking in to see if you've updated. I really like TS3 (new convert 😕 ) and I think it's cool that you switched your sims over to TS3. Hope you're doing okay, and I can't wait for your next update!

  41. oolongteadrinker says:

    When I read this, I thought, "Friggin' great. Now there won't be any updates here at all because some fucktard on Simsecret posted this."

    Its starting to look like I'm right, and there will be no new updates to look forward to. NOOOOOO. One fucker has to ruin it for everyone. Nice.

    I won't bother to say that the person who posted this is "Jus Jealous". I hate the "y'all jus jealous" argument, even when its true. Which is the case here. Obviously this person hates the sims3 and used you as an example. When someone knowingly hurts other people when they have an agenda against something, like a game, then its just mean and low for meanness-s sake. And I agree, its a HUGE copout when someone says "No offense BUT"
    "I'm sorry, BUT." When people say that, they aren't REALLY sorry, and they DO mean offense. I hate copouts like that. Simsecret fucker. You killed this website!

    I hope I'm wrong about that.

  42. Rolfy says:

    Adele, you are an amazing writer -trust me I've read my fair share of fan-fic\original fic stories. I love all your characters, they are superbly crafted and I can tell you put a lot of interest, heart and hard-work into your stories, it shows. I can say that I have never come across any story so full of depth and intrigue, WITH photos that are remarkably sublime and I am 99.9 % sure I never will. So when you come across just plain out DUMB, envious comments such as these, just realize that you are an extremely talented star, cause no one really envies or tears down untalented fools, just the stars. May your work live on and grow for ever.

    PS: I really really really hope to see more of your sims3 stories\characters I have been waiting oh so long… 🙂

  43. youlooksopretty says:

    Hey, I really hope you're going to update again. I check almost everyday. What simsecret says is just one person writing. Think of all of us commenting and hoping you to continue. We are far more !

  44. OohShiny! says:

    "How I wish that you people who went from TS2 toTS3 would STOP trying to recreate your characters with TS3!"
    Why? Does it erk them that much that they need to criticize what people want to do with a game they've bought. Are you the gaming police?
    Seriously… F**K off… It's like telling someone who started writing a novel with a typewriter and has recently upgraded to a PC that they have to forget the last novel and start a new one… it doesn't make any sense.

    I think your site is amazing, and I really hope you keep updating! You've got a real talent for story telling.


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