Screen Test: The Rockstar

August 22nd, 2009

Have you been curious to see how Julian turned out? As some of you know, Julian is a rockstar and, like Viktor, he's also based on a doll of mine. Well, it's time for his Sims 3 debut.

And, if you're wondering what I think Julian sounds like, you can check out Julien-K's newest album.


Custom Content used for Julian:

Slider Hack: I use Awesomemod with sliders increased by 3.

Face Defaults: Aikea_Guinea Default Replacement Skintones (under "Default Replacements"; in my game, I use all her faces, plus the anatomical female body)
Body Defaults: Tummy Za's Hairy Skin Replacement (first download—body only, I use Aikea's faces)
Eye Defaults: Miniie's Bright Eyes Colorblend Replacements
Facial Hair Defaults: Stubble Replacements by RoboKitty

1. Fishnet and See-Through Shirts for Men by Vanito
2. Rock-a-Billy Male Tees (Untucked Version) by Random Noir
3. Slimmed Suspender Pants Mesh Replacement by Aikea_Guinea
4. "Let the Snow Fall" 18 Fall/Winter Fabrics (Plaid #5) by M.Calero
5. Dragon Sleeve by Robokitty

1. -In A Parallel Universe- Peggy Aug 09 Gift, converted by Bosie


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9 Responses to “Screen Test: The Rockstar”

  1. Gloria says:

    his lips are so sexyc:XO: I love Julian! I think he turned out better than the Sims 2 one :halo: Good job

    Thank you, Gloria! I think he did too.


  2. Ju says:

    Wow, he is almost as amazing as Ransom. ::-*: :XO: 👿

    High praise, indeed, since I know you love Ransom so much. Thanks, Ju! 🙂


  3. S.B. says:

    Incredible! I love the hair – unexpected but a perfect choice. And the little sideways look you captured – wow!!! One sexy dude!!

    Thanks, B! Some of the hairstyles that were closer to what his wig looks like, made him look to feminine. This has a good rockstar look too.


  4. BanSidhe says:

    He's gorgeous! But, um, isn't he wearing Talon's pants?

    You mean these? Tahlvin doesn't have much of a say on who steals his clothes since he's not in the game. haha 😉


  5. gayl says:

    *gasp* Out of all the characters you have made into TS3 counterparts, Julian's is spot on in my opinion! It's him! To a tee! Attitude, looks, personality, expression. OMG! And Julien-K's sound really fits! It's nice to know what his voice sounds like.

    Fabulous job with all of them Kara!

    Thank you, Gayl! I really didn't try to copy the other characters from their various counterparts, but I did do so for Julian. I like how he turned out too.


  6. Stephanie says:

    *drools* I need to get a boyfriend that looks like you made him in TS3 😯 . Honestly, these guys keep getting more and more b-e-a-utiful ❗ ! Seriously, I;m not even going to try and guess what other guy of gorgeousness…ess….y….. that your going to make next 😉 .
    Yeah. Nevermind that, I'm still kind of stunned by his lippies ::-*: . He's prettier than I am!
    Once again, great effin job 8) !

    Oh, he's way prettier than me. It's kind of not fair. haha!


  7. Lani says:

    good job! (geng ma ka: in thai 😉 )

    Thank you, Lani! How do you say that in Thai?


  8. Anna Maria says:

    I have a quick question – do you remember what lipstick and brows you used for Edmond in Sims 2? I like both for my male sims, and although I looked everywhere (umm, almost) I cannot find them. 🙂

    Unfortunately, I can't remember where i got the brows. I'll try to remember to check next time I start up Body Shop. I made the lips…or actually, I edited lips made by someone else to work with Edmond's particular skintone. I can't remember who made the original lips, but I'm pretty sure they're from someone who doesn't want their stuff edited to share. Again, I'll double check on that.


  9. blackdaisies says:

    Just gotta say, your sims are some of the hottest sims 3 sims I've seen anywhere! I seriously wish my game looked like yours. Makes me want to go out and buy a new computer, lol. (I'm also getting into your story too. :D)

    Thank you! I'm really missing my sims. I've not had time to play lately since my parents have been visiting and stuff.



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