Screen Test: The Bodyguard

August 20th, 2009

It's Viktor's turn to step in front of the camera. Some of you may not know, but Viktor Quinn is based on a ball-joint doll that I have.

In his past, Viktor was a circus performer (knife thrower) who was urged by the management to take some time off after a romance with one of his co-workers turned sour. In desperate need of a job, one of his aquaintances put him in touch with Julian Nomad's manager. Due to a recent scandal, Julian was in need of a bodyguard, and Viktor was a perfect a fit for the role.


My two police officers: because, who doesn't like a handsome man in uniform?

To protect and serve!


Custom Content used for Viktor:

Slider Hack: I use Awesomemod with sliders increased by 3.

Face Defaults: Aikea_Guinea Default Replacement Skintones (under "Default Replacements"; in my game, I use all her faces, plus the anatomical female body)
Body Defaults: Tummy Za's Hairy Skin Replacement (first download—body only, I use Aikea's faces)
Eye Defaults: Miniie's Bright Eyes Colorblend Replacements
Facial Hair Defaults: Stubble Replacements by RoboKitty

1. Baseball Shirts for Males by Aikea_Guinea
2. Dress Him Up Jeans by ulker
3. Chunkier Boots Default Replacements by Aikea_Guinea

1. Man in the Box – Peggy Hair Conversion by Aikea_Guinea


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8 Responses to “Screen Test: The Bodyguard”

  1. gayl says:

    OMFG!!! 😕 You're killing me with these guys!! Damn, Viktor looks…I love that hair! He looks amazing, they all do.

    *resisting urge to buy TS3* 😯

    Thank you, Gayl! These guys have been fun so far. Let me know if you ever cave and buy Sims 3. 🙂


  2. S.B. says:

    prying my chin off the keyboard…omg is right!!!

    I love the hair and the attitude but the uniforms just did me in!!

    I know! haha There's just something about a man in uniform that makes an already sexy man like 10x sexier. *dreamy sigh*


  3. Nell says:

    I am so ridiculously attracted to Viktor that I'm starting to worry about my sanity. How do you do it?? How do you manage to create such beautiful sims in the sims 3?

    Will you be putting Viktor, Brandi, or Edmond up for download? I've got Ransom in my game. I tweaked some of his traits and made his LTW Rock God, I thought it was fitting. I love your writing!

    Thanks so much, Nell! Rock God seems like a great LTW for Ransom. He certainly looks like he'd fit the part, anyway. I'm glad you're enjoying him!

    I won't be offering Edmond or Emily for download. I haven't made up my mind about Viktor yet.


  4. Nell says:

    whoa sorry there when I said Brandi I meant Emily. Brain fart!

    haha! No worries. Actually, I do that all the time.


  5. MondayMorning says:

    Oh boy! The yummy-ness! :halo: Victor looks delish, but I have to say, Ransom looks like a pretty bad ass (hot) cop! Love it/him/them/everyone so far!

    Thank you! You don't see that man cops that look like Ransom. It would be cool though!


  6. Lani says:

    i heart viktor's hair. and i think he's my new favorite. okay, it's settled then, i get viktor.

    Okay, Viktor is yours. 😉


  7. Ju says:

    Yeah, I like Viktor, but I still like Ransom the best. I don't know why. It's something about his skin, and his attitude, and the fact that his hair is PURPLE. Ish. 😛

    Te amo Ransom, mouy caliente!

    Ransom is very hot. I can't pick my favorite though. It switches depending on what house I'm at. haha


  8. jenny says:

    I cannot get over how real they look…..

    Thank you so much! 😀 That's what I strive for.



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