Why Food Poisoning Sucks

November 11th, 2004

Just the day before, Kim had been over at her friend Beau Broke's house. His mom Brandi wasn't the best housekeeper in the world and with a new little baby demanding her attention, Brandi had even less time to devote to her household chores. While visiting, Kim got hungry and grabbed a plate of pancakes that were sitting on the counter. She took the plate over to the Broke's small dining table and sat down to eat. She took a big bite and swallowed before she realized they didn't taste quite right.


When Kim woke up this morning her stomach hurt but she wanted to go to school anyway. It was cupcake decorating day in Home Ec and she didn't want to miss it. But, although she did her homework, took her morning bath and ate breakfast, by the time the bus pulled up to the curb Kim realized she still wasn't feeling well. She didn't care about cupcakes anymore. In fact, sll she wanted to do was curl up in a ball and wait to die. Surely she'd feel better then. Just then, sweat broke out on her forehead as her stomach roiled and a wave of nausea crashed over her. Bile burned the back of her throat.

Kim groaned and clapped her hand over her mouth, trying not to throw up on the carpet of her bedroom.

Looks like Kim isn't going to school today.

She ran as fast as she could to the bathroom and barely managed to get the toilet seat up before she violently heaved electric blue vomit into the bowl. Just when she thought she was done throwing up, her stomach muscles would clench and she'd be doubled over again. At last it seemed to end. She rested her head on the cool tiled floor for a moment before she pushed herself up and stumbled back to her room.

"Stupid pancakes," she muttered.

Kara's first day at school as a teenager.

"I don't think Kim is going to school today, Dad," said Kara as she set her game controller onto the coffee table.

Art paused in his game play long enough to cock his head as Kim slammed her bedroom door shut upstairs. "Yeah, it's probably best if she stays home today. The teachers might get upset at her if she does her exorcist impression at school."

Kara pulled a face. "Da-ad! You're gross." She smoothed her pleated skirt and bent over to kiss him on the cheek. "See you after school. I'll let Kim's teachers know she won't be there today."

"Sounds good, darlin'. Have a good day."

Andi cleans up. (Gross!)

Art went to check on Kim while Andi braved the bathroom to see what damage her little girl had wrought. Andi stumbled back a step when she opened the bathroom door. The sour smell of vomit hit her like a physical force—a really stinky physical force. Did Kim even flush? Well, thought Andi, there was nothing for it but to do it. She made sure to draw a deep breath and hold it before entering the bathroom again. She attacked the toilet with ferocity, scrubbing until the scrub brush was almost bare of bristles. But, finally, the toilet was sparkling clean again. Next time, Andi vowed, she'd make Kim clean up after herself.

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9 Responses to “Why Food Poisoning Sucks”

  1. Leslie says:

    Hehe, I told you I wouldn't read it tonight but I found time to.:smile: I still love your images a lot. Poor Kim, who would've thought she would get food poisening…

  2. Kara says:

    I know, when Kim was visiting at the Brokes and I saw her take a plate of the pancakes and I was yelling at her to "Stop!" lol I even had Brandi call her over so I could get to cancel the action. I thought I had caught her before she ate any pancakes but apparently I hadn't. 😳 I'm glad she's all better now.

  3. chattykathy says:

    i've had Sims eat bad food but not enough to make them throw up yet.

    i'm glad Kim got better (even though she had to throw up a few times). Kara's a cutie!!! i'm sure she'll have lots of boys after her. 🙂

  4. Aner-Dyfan says:

    I hate it when sims eat rotten food at other people's homes. It happens far too often for my liking. At the moment I've got one an NPC ill, which sucks cause I can't play them to cure it.

    NB: Never believe the thing in the corner about 'your sim is well' I had a sim die from a cold about 2 hours after it said she was well. And she was almost completly full in all needs.

  5. Lani says:

    Wow, that toilet (afterwards) looked really nasty. 😆 It looks like she is feeling better by the end though. I am glad. So far I have been rather lucky. None of my sims have been sick…other than pregnancy. Whew!

  6. helen says:

    Poor Kim, I'm glad she's better now 😀 I want her to grow up and date that nice Beau lad. And Kara should try to get Alex, what if John grew up and went for another girl? I wouldn't risk it, Kara! 😉

  7. jessica says:

    i think she should wait i know i would:mrgreen::grin:

  8. Tash says:

    Poor Kim, My sim got food poisoning once but she never threw up:shock:! Love your stories keep em' coming:grin:!

  9. Kim \ says:

    Oh, sis! This was fabulous…:!: I was laughing so hard with the Everybody's a Weiner phrase, though I had gotten a little teary before (Mouse, Tom and Jerry, such nice childhood memories we have, my dear sister), so I had a nice Laugh:lol:/Cry:cry:. I love it,…nothing like touching the heart with melancholy and cheer at the same time! Great Story, sis! Who's this Beau guy? I think I'll have to wait for the Sudden's,….Hee Hee:wink:!!