The Kelps Around Town

November 10th, 2004

Hoping to be elected to congress, Marina Kelp decided it was time to hit the campaign trail. Her campaign manager, Elle, suggested she get to know the people of Pirate's Cove better. Knowing that she wouldn't be able to meet everyone in town herself, Marina enlisted the help of Neptune, her loyal retainer/bodyguard.

Neptune visits the Pleasants.

Neptune headed out into the neighborhood after breakfast. Unfortunately, he had a hard time finding anyone at home (probably because, unlike him, they were all at work). After a long time of pounding the pavement and ringing countless doorbells, he finally came upon a family that was at home.

A woman in a beige business suit was checking her mailbox when Neptune happened upon her. He introduced himself and found out her name was Mary Sue Pleasant. After delivering the presentation that Marina had made him memorize, Mary Sue invited him inside to meet her family.

"My house is rather more chaotic than usual, however," Mary Sue explained. "My husband Daniel is sick with food poisoning. And, my daughters…well, they are pleasant enough. Please come in. I'm sure you're tired after roaming Pirate's Cove all day."

"Thank you," replied Neptune, with a grin, "And don't worry, I'm quite used to chaos."

Lilith tells Neptune about her crazy family.

"Oh, my gawd!" A teenager dressed in black leather, ran up to Neptune as soon as he entered the house behind his hostess.

"Behave yourself, Lilith," said Mary Sue before she turned back to Neptune. "This is one of my twin girls. I'm not sure where Angela is at the moment."

Lilith snorted, her black painted lips twisting into a sneer. "Can't you hear her? She's playing the piano…well, if you call that pounding playing. I'm sure her trailer-trash boyfriend could play better."

"Lilith…" said Mary Sue, a thread of warning lacing her voice. She pasted a smile on her face and turned it on Neptune. "Would you care for a refreshment? Juice? Water? Something stronger?"

"Water would be great. Thank you."

Mary Sue turned smartly on her heel and disappeared into a doorway off the foyer.

Lilith tilted her head from side to side as her narrowed eyes raked up and down Neptune.

Neptune raised a hairless eyebrow. He was still trying to get used to being stared at since he'd moved to Pirate's Cove, although this girl was being rather more brash about it than most people. He could understand her curiousity, however—sea elves were rarely seen on the mainland.

Apparently having finished her studious perusal of him, Lilith said, ”Are you, like, one of those sea elves that is all royal and stuff? I heard about you on the news."

"Well, I work for the royal household, but I'm not royal myself. And, technically, the Kelps have been ousted from power so they're royal in name only."

"Hmm…still, that's pretty cool. Cooler than anything around this lame town anyway."

Mary Sue soon emerged from the kitchen and announced that a snack was ready. Neptune followed her to the dining room and was pleased to see the friendly face of Darren Goth smiling back at him.

"Hey, man, it's great to see you again," said Darren.

Neptune and Darren chatted while the rest of the Pleasant family joined them at the table for a chef salad that Mary Sue had just whipped up. By the end of the meal, Daniel, Mary Sue's husband, had a distinctively green cast to his face. With a mumbled apology he jumped up from his seat, his hand covering his mouth and ran to the restroom just off the dining room. Sounds of hacking and gagging emanated through the closed bathroom door.

Mary Sue's carefully cultivated smile slipped from her face as she noticed everyone at the table glancing uneasily at each other. It was several moments before she managed to marshal her urbane expression again. "Um…how about we all move to the living room and I'll bring everyone some espressos."

Neptune and Darren watch a cat fight.

Neptune and Darren stood in the living room waiting for Mary Sue to bring their coffees. Daniel had gone to bed after leaving a sour smell lingering in the bathroom. And the Pleasant twins sat on opposite ends of the couch hurling insults at each other in loud whispers.

Trying to ignore the girls, Neptune gamely chatted with Darren and even managed to set a date for the Goths to come to Dolphin House for dinner. And then, one of the twins screamed.

With a piercing howl, Angela leapt at her sister, her fingers crooked into claws. Lilith shrieked and tossed her sister over her shoulder and onto the ground. Neptune kept waiting for Mary Sue or Daniel to come investigate the sudden commotion but no one came to break the girls up and the fighting escalated. Neptune shot a startled glance at Darren. "Shouldn't we stop them?"

Darren shrugged. "If you want to get in the middle of a catfight, be my guest. These girls do this almost everyday. Or at least every time that I'm over. It's almost a tradition."

Neptune was at a loss for words. The Pleasants seemed anything but pleasant. He wondered if Marina was having a better time.

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12 Responses to “The Kelps Around Town”

  1. Jen says:

    Yay, another story! 🙂 It's great to read about the Kelps again, and especially cool to see them mingle with the other inhabitants of Pirate's Cove. I also love all of the budding romances. And you know I'm a big fan of Neptune! Rowr! I can't wait to see what happens with him and Marina.

  2. Elyssa says:

    OOhh I love the look of those elves! LOL I didn't even realise that they were royal sea-elves….I really didn't mean to copy your story Kara…I guess imitation is the most sincere form of flattery? 😉

    LOL I love your stories 🙂 I am a fan of Neptune as well! I want to see more of the beautiful elves! 😀

  3. chattykathy says:

    yay! does this mean your writer's block is over? your stories are so detailed and involved! i love them!!!

    yes, i'm all for Neptune and Marina hooking up. Sea is adorable? wow, a human crush!

  4. Kim \ says:

    Very cool, my sis!:cool: I love this family. Neptune is such a hottie! Yummy!:twisted: Can't wait for the next episode…:mrgreen:

  5. Kim \ says:

    Hey, by the way (as I don't play sims, this may be a stupid question), but what is up with those thinking caps with the light bulb:?::???:

  6. Kara says:

    The thinking caps are one of the rewards that Sims can purchase with points that they gain through fulfilling their aspirations (for example, getting an A+ at school, making out with 3 Sims, etc.). The caps double the rate at which they build skills.

  7. Janice says:

    hehe nice story, clearcut pictures^^ hehe this is an interestign story unfolding here. I'm not really familair with the Kelps beign ex-royal and stuff so I'll need to go reread their intro to Pirate's Cove

  8. Aner-Dyfan says:

    Again an amazing story and update! The pictures are all great quality. Do you take you're them with the printscreen button or do you use 'C' ingame?

  9. Kara says:

    Aner-Dyfan: Thank you! I take the picture ingame with the "C" button. I take them at highest quality and largest size. Then I reduce them in size (from 600×450 to 490×368) and "sharpen" the image to get rid of the blurriness that can happen when an image is made smaller. That's all! 🙂

  10. helen says:

    hey, i'm a long time reader, first time replier. I LOVE all your stories! I love how you make up their conversations, brilliant 🙂 I'm happy for Sky, she's so sweet! I'm looking forward to the next part :mrgreen:

  11. Lauren says:

    I'm still laughing. Great story! I haven't seen any Sims fight yet. I'm not a mean person or anything, but it's funny to see the pics. Can't wait for a cat-fight to break out in my house.

  12. Mara says:

    Your stories are way better than the ones on the sims2 website. They are so cute! I'm siting on the egde of my seat waiting to see what happens next. Great Job. Can't wait to find out what happens.