Nostalgic Saturday

March 11th, 2006

A little update on the progress of Worlds Apart: I finished the default skins I mentioned last time. I've also created my first outfit (and probably the last for awhile…it took me forever! I'm so glad there are many talented clothes creators out there so I don't have to do it). I made some necklaces for my Sims and recolored some hairstyles for one of my characters. So…that means I still need to create the neighborhood and finalize the characters' looks. Concerning the neighborhood: I'm going back and forth on whether I want them to live in a downtown (Nightlife) neighborhood or the regular neighborhood. Perhaps I should just design the regular neighborhood and then make a copy of it for the downtown neighborhood then I will have identical neighborhoods for what ever I need. Is that even possible? Or even needed? I've heard that the Nightlife downtown neighborhoods load slower than regular ones (as you can tell I haven't actually played the game much since I've started this project). I don't know…I'll have to do more research.

As I also mentioned last time, I found an old entry about the Hillocks that I never posted. I had started writing it a little over a year ago, but didn't finish the story. I decided to post it "as is" simply for nostalgic purposes. I considered writing out the rest of the story, but decided that it doesn't really matter as I don't have have these Sims anymore. So, enjoy this little walk down memory lane. I know I did!

At last, the plucky pirate who provided Pirate's Cove with its name, was ready to become a teenager. John was a little sad to be leaving his childhood behind but he was more than ready to grow up and start realizing his dream of becoming a crime boss (a dream that he has very wisely kept secret from his parents). Hard to believe that such a cute and sweet little boy could have designs on becoming a criminal, isn't it? If his parents knew they'd probably blame it on all the comic books and video games he voraciously consumes. But really it can all be blamed on the pirate's hat cutting off the flow of blood to his head.

So, with much fanfare from his family, John jumped into the air, spun around and sprouted into a teenager… Hmm… Unfortunately (though John thought otherwise) he was a bit lacking in the coolness department. Luckily, he has an older brother well-versed in all things "cool." So, Josh hustled him off to the bathroom and gave him an on-the-spot makeover.

Once the makeover was complete, Josh continued his lessons for John by teaching him the art of "hanging-out."

*   *   *

Later that night after the rest of the family had gone to bed, John decided to make a bowl of ramen. The microwave started smoking and spitting sparks as soon as John retrieved the bowl of cooked soup. He was heading to the phone to hire a repairman when Josh said, "Wait, let me try to fix it."

John cringed. "You sure about that, Bro? You're not very gifted in the mechanical field."

"No prob. I can fix the gas pump at work. I'm sure a microwave isn't much different." (Famous last words?)

Well, Josh found out just how different a gas pump and a microwave are. Perhaps he should have unplugged the machine before sticking a screw driver in it? Just a thought.

After realizing that his brother was going to survive, John helpfully pointed out, "Dude, you reek."

But Josh didn't let his stench or the fact that he couldn't see straight faze him. After all, he had a date to sneak out with his girlfriend Sea in an hour. So, after a quick shower, a change of clothes and some coffee (prepared by John) Josh was ready to go.

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3 Responses to “Nostalgic Saturday”

  1. Jen says:

    It was fun to read about the Hillocks again and see John grow up. It's too bad we won't get to see Kara and John live happily ever after, but I'm really excited to see what coolness you have in store for us with Worlds Apart. 🙂

  2. amalinaball says:


    It's nice to see the Hillocks again. Shame we won't be following them all – I'd have liked to have know how the whole Josh-Sea relationship worked out. Oh well.

    How great it is to think that you're restarting with a fresh story. I know it'll be awesome! Best of luck!

  3. E-Liz says:

    Kara, thanks for that Hillock story, I hope that John had a fantasic wedding 🙂 I think I'll miss the Strudels the most, they are just so sweet!
    Meanwhile, I'll keep checking for this new story, it sounds great.
    And a lesson is learnt in all of this. "John found out just how different a gas pump and microwave are."


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