A few weeks later, on an early Saturday morning…

Having finished her homework on Friday night as she usually did, Inara now had the whole weekend before her full of endless possibilities. One of her favorite weekend activities to do was wake up early, before anyone else, and make her own breakfast on her little stove.

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The morning after…

Ransom: "Guess who came home late last night looking like something the cat dragged in."

Katriss: *hopefully* "Ooo, don't tell me. Ethyn?"

Ransom: "Exactly. But I don't think you'll like the why of it."

Katriss: "What do you mean?"

Ransom: "Well, I only got an abbreviated version of what happened, but your good ol' victim Marty told Ethyn to take a hike. Apparently, the big guy decided to mend fences with his wife. It looks like your plan didn't quite end up as you wanted."

Katriss: *choke*

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Sims 3 Tales: Interlude

July 28th, 2009

Thornton Wolff watched his wife stride angrily across the kitchen floor, her heels clicking in a sharp staccato. She rummaged around in the cabinets then slammed a coffee mug down onto cupboard so hard that he was surprised it didn't shatter. He sighed and shook his head in defeat.

Thornton: "Fine, Ana, I give up. I'm tired of fighting with you. If that's what you really want and it will make you happy, then… Yes, let's have a baby."

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It was Inara's first day of school. Though she was nervous to meet her classmates, her appetite didn't suffer at all. Her mother had made her favorite food for breakfast. How could she no to that?

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Ethyn Regret returned from a night out with his friends Thornton Wolff and Christopher Steel. It was a night that consisted of a movie and drinks at the Bistro so he returned home in high spirits.

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