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June 20th, 2008

My husband got me Sims Castaway Stories as an early birthday gift. I've had fun with it so far. The game play is a little simplistic (it's almost like they hold your hand the entire game and show you the answers to the puzzles without even letting you try it out yourself first), but I really enjoy some aspects of the game. I like the new job system. Your character can be a hunter, gatherer or crafter, and instead of working for simoleons (§) they are working for resources and food. I like that you can use some CC (custom creations) in the game, such as skins, make-up, hair, and some clothes. Also, your Sim can adopt an orangutan. Very funny!

But, my favorite part of the game? The objects, plants and clothes! OMG, I want them for my main Sims 2 game so badly! I so wish EA would offer a Castaway Stuff Pack or something. I would almost kill to get it. :XO: I think a few of the pieces might have made it into Bon Voyage, but not nearly enough. I want everything! *sigh…* 😥

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UFO Sightings

November 14th, 2007

UFO Sighting

I was working on a Mars set for the next chapter (I probably put way too much work into this set as it's only going to be in a couple pictures anyway) and I was surprised to be visited by UFOs—two of them at the same time nonetheless! I know most of you have probably already seen this in your game, but my Mission Bay neighborhood doesn't have any crashed UFOs so I'd never been visited by any. I thought it was pretty cool!

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New Hairstyles

October 15th, 2007

New Hairstyles--Jason Ramsey

I was taking some test shots in game today trying out some new hairstyles for two of my characters that will be appearing in the next chapter. I hadn't planned on posting these pictures at all and they are very quick shots, but I thought you might enjoy seeing them anyway.

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Plans for Christmas

December 1st, 2006

Edited 12.09.06:
And…the poll is now closed! That was actually a close race. I'm very surprised. I thought one of the guys would get a significant majority of the votes but Hale won by only ten votes. However, since so many of you showed your support for Alec (I voted for him too…I'm a sucker for the underdog) he'll be making a special appearance in the story.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I managed to get distracted from writing my story. I'm blaming it all on the fact that my copy of the Holiday Stuff pack arrived in the mail. Since installing the pack, I've been busy decorating the Ramsey's vacation cabin in the mountains for Christmas. I've been having so much fun decorating that I've decided the Ramsey's should host Christmas at their cabin this year. So far they've invited Brandee's best friend Saena (whom I have yet to introduce to you) and their neighbors back in Mission Bay Tahlvin and Samantha.

They have room for one more guest but I've been having trouble deciding who to invite. So, I've decided to leave the choice to you. Should they invite Hale, Tahlvin's brother, or the newly madeover Alec? Who would you most like to see? Hard choice, eh?

May the best man win!


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Just Fiddlin' Around

November 13th, 2006

Edited 11.14.06:
Aikea Guinea has kindly allowed me to include her old Triple Choker mesh in my necklace downloads until I have time to refit them to her new mesh. Thanks, Aikea. I really appreciate it. So, it's once again possible to download (and use) my necklaces.

I'm not sure if you've noticed but I've been tinkering around the site a bit for the last couple of weeks changing things here and there. In anticipation of the new chapter that I'm working on (yay! My muse has returned and I'm finally writing again!), the previously published chapters have been renamed Prologue 01 and Prologue 02, which means that I'm currently writing Chapter 01. Confused? Yeah, me too. To make finding all the Worlds Apart chapters easier, I've added a "Chapters" section to the above navigation menu. You'll be able to find the chapter outtakes in that section as well.

I also have added a new "Fan Art" section. Right now it's mostly displaying art by the talented Kiwi. I'm greatly honored that she has taken the time to draw my characters and send them to me. It's a lot of fun to see other people's interpretation of my guys and gals.

Let's see, what else…

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