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I hesitate to post a summary of "Worlds Apart" as I'm afraid I'll spoil some aspect of the story. So, instead, I decided to discuss the origins of "Worlds Apart."

I had a dream…about nine years ago… It was a dream of a futuristic space shuttle blowing up in the air above me. The nuclear fallout from the engines caused me to tell the other people around me that we should take our Rad-X pills to neutralize the radiation. Obviously, nuclear fallout was common enough that the common people had Rad-X on them at all times. Anyway, weird dream, right? (I think it must have been influenced by Fallout, which we were playing at the time). Well, it stuck with me. In fact, the morning after I had it, I wrote it down. As the days went on, it became a scene in a story I was planning on writing. I needed a world in which this ship and nuclear power could exist and I ended up creating an alternate world, one very similar to our own, but with more advanced technology. Well, it never amounted to much. And I moved onto other creative projects.

A couple of years ago, I got sucked into a game world that still hasn't released me from its grasp—World of Warcraft. In amongst the dozens of other characters we have, my husband and I started some roleplaying characters named "Tahlvin" and "Brandee."

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Brandee (a human female) was transported into Azeroth (the world in which WoW takes place) when she touched an ancient ruin she was studying on present-day Earth (she was an archaeology student on a dig). Tahlvin, a double agent/assassin (he was a Night Elf and a rogue), was sent by one of his employers to investigate the disturbance felt by the mages and warlocks in the area when the portal that brought her was opened. He was supposed to kill her because it was thought that if she could open a portal then she could bring (further) destruction to Azeroth. But, when he saw her (she was naked…her clothes didn't transfer with her from Earth…o_O) he was overcome with lust. Yes, Brandee and Tahlvin's story was an erotic one. And, oh so much fun to roleplay and write (this is one story I'll never post on the 'net)!

When I started playing The Sims2 again, I really wanted to start a new story that was more involved and epic than my previoius Sims2 stories. I was still very much interested in the characters of Brandee and Tahlvin so I decided to create a story centered around them—one that combined the alternate world that I'd imagined so many years ago and the WoW characters. That's how it started anyway, but since then, that initial idea has taken on a life of its own and many more characters have come to be involved in the "Worlds Apart" universe.

I consider "Worlds Apart" to be an experiment of sorts in that I want it to include elements from all my favorite types of stories. As you read this story, you'll come to see that an amalgam of genres and sub-genres have influenced its writing: science fiction, fantasy, alternate reality/history, and shoujo/josei (girl/woman) manga. So, expect a little bit of everything. However, if I was to pick a genre for "Worlds Apart" it would be labeled an urban fantasy.

I hope you enjoy the characters and world I've created. Happy reading!